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SMarT phones are for smart people *reload

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jackx10, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. jackx10

    jackx10 Member
    Thread Starter

    well I didn,t close the thread, as pink floyd said... though i have something more to say. WHO THINKS THERE ARE PEOPLE IN THE FORUM that works for other brand and came here to bash xperia_^??? well honestly I Think x10 is not the perfect phone but some people bash alot, how caN I believe those things when my phone have no lagg isues, no battery issues and less in the r026 updTe, camera flash sucks, screen is great, but overall the x10 can do everything I need, edit documents, open hotmail atach..(almost none can do,,symbian windows mobile ,etc ) it can, play lots of video formats with market video apps. web browsing is smooth and easy w big screen, daytime pics are amazing, timescape are a bit slow, smart dial is a must and x10 lack but the app spelldial do the job, social networking are very accurate, in call volume increased in the last update no problems like in the beggining, I have almost 100 market apps and cracked versions of special apps, so please if somebody said this phone sucks maybe is in rogers company or buy a lemmon or they are bashers who dont have the x10.... etc more to say still....

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  2. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast


    i dont work for rogers,,,

    i work retail for a company that has nothing to do with electronics

    and i do have the x10 which IMHO sucks,,,

    and actually ,, and you can believe it or not,, this phone will sitting on a end table with no cord attached no one touching , just came to life and rebooted on its own,,,

    i know some here really like there x10 thats great,,, the majority dont,,, not hard to google and see that,,,

    so jack if you love it ,, thats great,, i dont and nor would i recommend it,,,

    maybe jack i should think you work for SE
  3. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    :D I was waiting for that one :D

    The last few days this place has just turned into a poke a stick at each other room.

    Get a grip! It seems that the vast majority of issues revolve around firmware updates not being pushed out by the carriers. I dont know what this is costing the individual carriers but Rogers seems to be the worst and this was taken from the last thread

    "hey i know exactly what your dealing with, i got the phone 2 months ago and in those 2 months i called rogers 18 times, got 3 new sim cards and 2 replacement Xperias and still had issues. ultimately after arguing with rogers retentions for a few times i told them im canceling my contract because i paid 200 for this phone on a 3 year and already dealth with so much shit. result was the allowed me to get another hardware upgrade meaning i got the iphone 4 for 180 and the best part is they let you keep the xperia which you can sell for 300 or throw in the garbage :D. if your not an iphone fan wait a couple of weeks the galaxy s is cming to rogers."

    And there was another post where the person said that they was told by the carrier that it was the old firmware that was causing issues.

    So please if your phone works... Great no either shut up or maybe help those stuck on bad firmware numbers by contacting the carries and requesting the newer builds be pushed out.

    ^^^^Last bit kinda pointless with 2.1 so close to release^^^^

    But you get the idea, stop trying to sound superior just because your phone works!
  4. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    like i said before i was granted the iphone4,, but cancelled it as the galaxy will be released monday by the look of it,,,
    but in my work a phone that wont last me atleast my work shift is useless to me,,
    whether its fw or hardware,,or SE and ROGERS arent playing nice with each other I dont know( i do know when you talk to rogers with phone issues and they see its x10 they go OH YA),,,
    i do know IMHO its not a good phone,, and its not cause i work for this that or anything else,,, and im no friggn troll...

    troll to me is one who would bring such a thread back to life
  5. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    I totally agree 100% with what jack said :) everyone I know in person, that owns an X10, loves the phone, but when I come online, there seems to be alot of hate towards the phone, so maybe you're right

    I also agree with what powerkiter said. There seems to be alot of debating lately and I believe its because some people are upset that they haven't got what they want when they want it (the 2.1 upgrade) instead of waiting patiently for it to be rolled out. Those of you need to chill out and wait, its not long now, so stop slagging the phone off just because you haven't got what you want when you want it! If you don't like the phone, then that's your problem, there's no need to argue with other people that do like it, everyone has a different opinion, and just because you don't like an opinion someone gives, doesn't give you the right to attack them. Just keep it to yourself.
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  6. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    Should rename this "The phanboi thread"

    Honestly I do like the X10 yet there are as many things I like that I dont, and there are people who dont like it that own it that I know in real life (thats not even engrish).

    I had loads of the known issues with my phone then rooted and liked it more but seeing back to back with other android phones owned by friends and loved ones it does seem to be held back. If not by 1.6 but maybe the lower RAM, it has the largest LCD screen so battery drain is to be expected as a super amoLED screen does not use the LED's to make black it just kills them pixels.

    Yes even after rooting my phone would reboot and do odd things yet the Galaxy and Desire are known to do this too.

    As said it really does seem like it's mostly firmware related, and if you go back to all the reviews of this phone that include video you can see evidence of the lag and other issues old firmware builds are causing.

    small edit for LCD to LED
  7. CuBz

    CuBz Android Expert

    Yes, alot of people seem to have problems. When I first got my X10, I had a problem with charging, it wouldn't charge correctly, but this was my fault because I was stretching the charger which bent the mini usb slot on my phone. When I got a replacement I didn't have any problems. So other than that self-fault, I didn't and havn't yet had any other large problems, just small ones like the lock screen showing twice.
  8. jackx10

    jackx10 Member
    Thread Starter

    well you can call me fanboy but not fan of sony e, just x10, i think sony ericsson is for teenagers almost in all phones and design, it was a complete surprse to find the x10 so reliable, not the same with my prebious phones, x1, n95,n80, nokia 5530, sony e k850,k800, nokia n73, samsung jack i637,omnia, and so on...myself i tryed the iphone, and from all phones mentioned x10 is really good, not the more spensive cause exemple k800 cost me 620 dlls,i can said bad things about x10 too, from all the phones i have used i cam make the perfect phone, i miss xenon flash, smart dial, well battery life is good considering i use my x10 as a mini laptop and give me 2 days...i have dropit to the floor 3 times , and no signs tears etc, iphones friend broke screen from falling 2 feets down , well a matter of being lucky or unlucky , its the same with my fixation to toyota cars there youn can call me
  9. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    Why it's better than mine :eek:

    I would love to get 2 days of use out of my X10 but I was happy after rooting and getting around 14hrs and like you I view this phone as a tablet/mini pc.

    But you do have to realise that you really are one of the few that have the only X10's that work as intended by SE.

    OK so you could be right with the title as most people that by a mobile phone treat it as that... Yet this is a small computer with an OS, so yes at times you will need to reboot or reinstall the OS.

    But remember this is meant to be a phone so most mobile phone users will not think this way and as most of the work around's require you to either root or debrand your phone and so voiding your warranty the majority of non geek mobile phone users will not want to do this.
  10. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    to get battery life i do not feel the need to root!!!!!!!
    i get the idea of glitches being in OS,, but that being said,, glitches shouldnt wait for major OS changes to be fixed,, there should be tweek fixes,,,
    now this gets me to the issue of where sure its open source,, but i think google needs to take more control,, as this is to some degree a google problem in the long run if this contues,,
    and will scare the non geeks away from android,,
  11. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    I am amazed by your issues mate and I dont think your a numpty either.

    As I have said, what is it costing SE and the carriers? The new builds are there yet not all the carriers are pushing the latest *****26 build! Why?

    I do believe it has hit the X10 hard! I would like to see what the "First reviews" of the X10 would have been like with either *****26 or 2.1 installed.

    But as I have also said we are test monkeys for SE and at least they never dropped the X10 like they did the Satio! Honest they forgot about it even before it was launched!
  12. uchi

    uchi Well-Known Member

    well after they exchange this next x10, number 4, and the next and the one after and all the others people who call and complain im sure theyre gonna realize theres a problem.

    that was me who said the thing about the rogers tech telling me it was a firmware issue. my phone is now going onto its second day of life, its un responsive alot of the time. ill have to hit an app 4 or 5 times to get it to open. no idea why. hell my last one called a random number in my phonebook when i plugged it in to charge.

    as for working for another company, not me, im self emplyed and install tiles and hardwood flooring. so i use my phone for work, not nearly as much as some but still enough. so having a phone thats giving me issues costs me money. having a phone that randomly freezes up for hours at a time without my knowledge costs me money.

    im wondering how many more phones rogers will give me before offering me an upgrade. im gonna say by the 10th one ill have an upgrade to another phone. :)

    oh and ill surely hit 10 by christmas. im going onto number 5 this week so 10 shouldnt be a problem. especially since ive lost the will to give a shit about this phone and im now calling with every issue it has. theres no reason for a phone to be this buggy. and the fact that people have to do upgrades to their phone to make it run properly is complete crap. :)
  13. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    To be fair I think the updating is a reasonable thing, well only as they have been around for ages. I have never been a phone geek but I would always see if updates are available for any phone I've had since circa 2005???

    Also do you use a PC/laptop? If you have the auto update setting on "Windows has at least one "Major" update per week. Would you say the same for Windows?

    Remember it is a mini PC after all but...

    You give em hell fella!

    I teach extreme sports and I'm a self employed decorator and would be worse than you are over losing money from work due to a mobile telecommunications device!
  14. northernale1

    northernale1 Android Enthusiast

    i would say,, it doesnt matter who is supplying the hardware,, windows supplies the OS and we all get it at the same time ,,,
  15. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    OK so take your pedantic hat off and humour me ok :D
  16. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert

    Heres a question then

    2 users (uchi and northernale)

    Uchi on 4th handset and not been offered exchange

    Northernale already been given exchange at first attempt

    Yet both on ROGERS - sounds inconsistent

    Especially if as you say Rogers say oh ya everytime X10 gets a complaint
  17. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    To be fair each person will get differing treatment from carriers.

    I had an "issues" with the data allowance from 3 with a new contract.

    The short story is... I had 2 gig data on old contract and asked if I would have the same on the new contract and was assured I would have no problem with their "Unlimited internet". Which after 15 days turned out to be 500meg!

    Yes I should have read the small print but I asked the sales person "I have 2 gig would there be any change" and was greeted with "Unlimited internet".

    Now, after a 4 hour argument on the phone to 3 I have 3gb of data a month for free, now you try and get the same deal :)

    See what I mean?
  18. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert

    oh i see what you mean - but some of the earlier posts by northernale

    (and to be fair i can't be bothered to hunt for them as i am using my phone to post)

    stated that Rogers new of the faults with the X10 and as soon as he said he had a complaint he was offered an exchange

    Now if it is that big of a problem and rogers were so willing to exchange the phone (which i believe was a comment posted again) then why not somebody else on rogers, why are they now onto their 4th replacement instead of being offered an exchange

    and to be fair to Uchi - as he's not happy with the phone i believe he would have enquired about the possibility of swapping to a different handset (MAY be wrong here of course)

    all my point is, is that IF the carrier is so against a phone as we have been led to believe on here then surely both customers would be in the same boat
  19. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert

    Oh and on a side note

    3gb DATA
  20. powerkiter

    powerkiter Android Expert

    But are you not in the trade?

    But if you must...

    24 month contract.
    24 month subscription to Spotify Premium.
    24 month Skype subscription.
    900 minutes per month.
    3000 texts per month.
    3gb data, 1gb inc, 2gb free should be
  21. MrWomble

    MrWomble Android Expert

    no i'm not in the trade, i'm in Consumer Electronics - to hint a bit i've played with KINECT and it aint out till 10/11/10 lol

    good package you have there on 3 though - defo worth the money

    hate 2 yr contracts though - could do 12 mth one but would lose free upgrade option (been t-mob cust for 10 yrs now)
  22. jackx10

    jackx10 Member
    Thread Starter

    well i think im not the only one with a working x10 as intended, im having now 2 resets by itself on 4 months. wich is very few cause with symbin that happen dayli. maybe rogers or carriers are causing the bugs due to locks and apps they attach stock....... of course its not perfect, i been reading that 2.1 is nearer than it seems... i don t wanna root my phone i think its dangerous for the update
  23. BarneyF

    BarneyF Newbie

    I'm one of the lucky? ones that has an x10 that behaves itself.
    I have read a lot of android phone forums and contrary to what others say the x10 is far from being alone with problems. Some other phones are purely drastic!!!

    With android phones some apps have a bad affect on them.. that is a fact, so be very careful with what apps you install.

    Also some people are just not suited to anything more complicated than a toaster... that's the human race, we are not all created equal. They just grab a device and start pushing buttons then scream when all fails or not works as expected. I am sure most here have seen what is done to some computers by the not so technically aware?? LOL ....

    Sure, the x10 has faults and reflects the SE's design team's shortcommings. There are better phones out there but better by how much?

    I got mine cheap and it works, it's a great "toy" just like a lot of the others, so i'm happy.
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  24. uchi

    uchi Well-Known Member

    well the problem is my contract is literally 3 months old after my last renewal and rogers will just keep replacing handsets rather than upgrading me on their own. im sure all the do is send back the handset to sony for a refurb or do it in house so it doesnt cost them anything. i was upgraded early from my blackberry and early from a previous sony i had that was complete crap aswell. im just waiting to see how rogers plays this out. from the sounds of things its the rogers guys have more issues than less. maybe the ones with the problems are on an old batch of phones or something that rogers is just pawning off on people. who knows. even when i went into the t booth store at the mall for a new sim card the guy working there had an x 10 and got rid of it and gave me this stare when i mentioned the problems i was having as if he knew exactly what i meant. my biggest current complaint is the un responsive screen. ill have to hit an app 4 or 5 times to get it to come on. and the slow response is terrible. ill try to get a video of it in the next day or so. ill hit the button to open the camera or media scape and half the time itll hover on a blank screen for a while before working

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