Smart screen Locker - Dynamic Pins


Smart Screen Locker is a lock screen app that uses a dynamic state of the art unlocking method, and not the conventional way you'd unlock your phone.
The unlocking methods can be by a 6 digit pin, current time, current date or the 2 digit day + pin. With such advance feature in place, you don't have to worry about changing your pin/password if you think someone was looking over your shoulder and saw your unlock pin, if they do then you have nothing to worry about.. as the time / date changes, your pin changes.. how awesome ?
With this lock screen app, you can unlock your phone with 4 different methods:
- By Pin

- By Current time

- By Current Date

- By Day + Pin
Other features includes:
+ Dynamic Pin

+ Reverse Pin

+ Intruder Detection

+ Forgot Password

+ Background Image

PLEASE NOTE: this app works fine on Androids that are running 5.1 and 6.0 OS, If you encounter a crash please send us the crash report and the developers will work on resolving the issue right away