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Smart Switch Upgrade killed it!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ubermick, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. ubermick

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    Hiya guys.

    So snagged a new (to me) S7 Edge, after I (again) got pissed off with the iphone. Played around with it for a day or two to make sure I liked it, and downloaded Smart Switch to transfer my data over. Plugged in the phone and ooop, there's a software update available. Sounds good.

    About an hour and a half later, the progress bar was at 36%. Four hours later, it was at... 36%. Assuming it had crapped out, I looked at options, which told me to perform emergency recovery mode. Ugh, fine. Reset the phone, sure enough was telling me that the software install failed. Followed the steps for an emergency recovery... after three hours it was up to 82%. Five hours after that it was... stuck at 82%.

    This is probably where I got stupid. Out of frustration, I unplugged the phone again and rebooted it and realized I didn't write down the goddamn recovery code. Now the phone will just loop at the Galaxy S7 screen and repeatedly reset. I can get into maintenance boot mode, and it's telling me

    No support SINGLE-SKU
    Supported API: 3
    dm-verity error...
    E:failed to mount /system (Invalid argument)

    Phone is not being recognized at all now by Smart Switch either, so no bloody clue on how to even get this going again.

    Am I bolloxed, or is there a way to get this up and running again? I'm not worried about personal data of any sort on the phone, since I hadn't put them on there, so nuking it back to factory condition is fine with me.

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