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Smartphone personal unlimited!!??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by AndreaCristiano, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. AndreaCristiano

    Thread Starter

    So i go into my account this morning and I find that yes i do have my unlimited data for iphone but as I scroll down atop the $25 dollar and $15 dollar newly named HSPA+/4G data plans is this Smartphone Personal $30.00 unlimited.When you click on it it says this

    "Data Plan for SmartPhones. Unlimited domestic data usage. Only available for upgrades. Requires customers to be on a "Gold List" SmartPhone Plan prior to upgrade to HSPA+ device."

    So when i tried to change to it, it wouldnt allow me because it said I couldnt remove the iphone data plan??? Anyone else have an issue?

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  2. coreymcl

    coreymcl Well-Known Member

    Mine still says iPhone Unlimited. I will have to call CS later this morning when I get a free block of time.
  3. AndreaCristiano

    Thread Starter

    well she finally changed it over!
  4. lsutigers03

    lsutigers03 Android Enthusiast

    Mine was changed from iPhone data to smartphone personal.
  5. sleewok

    sleewok Newbie

    Sorry to dig this thread up again, but I'm going through this same situation.

    HOWEVER, I'm not doing an UPGRADE. I bought my HTC Inspire used, and I'm trying to switch the data plan over to the unlimited Smartphone plan. Has anyone had success in doing this WITHOUT UPGRADING their phone through AT&T?

  6. Saltine713

    Saltine713 Android Enthusiast

    Better call so you don't get overcharged!! They took off the unlimited data for smartphones.
  7. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Android Expert

    I did an upgrade at best buy and radio Shack you just have to mention you have the unlimited plan. If you got the phone off ebay or wherever when you put your sim card in it should just keep the same plan if it doesn't call them they will look at your past bills to make sure you already had the unlimited data then open a case. After that you should have it back in about 24-48hours if done during the week.

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