Smartwatch 2 Update

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For those with the Smartwatch, an update rolled out last night/this morning.

They've added more watchfaces, changed the default font to make it a little clearer (the display quality in general seems improved tbh) and performance seems to have increased. The time taken to clear multiple notifications seems to have halved.

Overall, pretty impressed. :)

El Presidente

Beware The Milky Pirate!
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You can either update via the Sony Ericsson Update Suite (it's available on their site), but that way is a total pain.

I just updated the smartwatch app via Play, then the watch updated automatically. Make sure the watch is on charge it has a decent amount of charge when you do it.


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I just bougth the Z1 with the smartwatch 2 and I am looking forward to using them together. Thanks for the update on the new software and apologies for hijacking the thread. I am so happy.. LOl