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I just got my new Google Pixel. Not sure if it is XL or not? It has 128GB.

Anyway, I am using Handcent SMS (NextSMS). I went to notifications for Handcent and selected not to show on lock screen at all. But still, when my phone is locked and I get an SMS it displays and people can even respond. It is better people not respond nor see the SMS when the phone is locked. Any idea what else you need to do so the SMS won't show on your locked screen?


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Hmm, does the notification appear on the lockscreen itself (when you use the Power button to wake the device) or does it just blink on briefly when you receive a message?


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Just to be sure, this is Handcent's notification? I know it should be just the default app that notifies, but if something is misbehaving I like to consider all possibilities.

I don't know the Pixel, but do the lockscreen settings (possibly in system Notification settings) give you any control, e.g. if you tell it to hide sensitive content?

P.S. "XL" refers to screen size. If your phone is 7cm wide/has a 5" screen it's a regular Pixel, if it's 7.5cm wide/has a 5.5" screen it's an XL.


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It sounds like maybe your previous SMS app is still connected to your phone number so even though you're using Handcent as your default, the old app is still running in the background. Try going into your Application manager and 'Force stop' and 'Clear data' for your old SMS app. Using 'Clear data' should remove the app's configuration settings.


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It is. Please see pictures below?


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Do you guys know a place online I can go to send an SMS to my phone after I change some settings, which will not store my tel num and send me unsolicited SMSs? I want to try a couple settings. I guess I can send myself one but I might not be able to lock the screen in time.


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If your carrier supports it you can send an email to your phones texting app to test your lock screen settings.

1. Send a text to your email to get your phone numbers email. In the "To:" box type your email address, type anything in the text area.
2. You'll receive an email with your phone numbers email address, it's usually 10DigitPhoneNumber @
3. Send an email to that address.
4. You should get a text message on your phone.