SMS folders

Hi guys,
I'm pretty new to this Android stuff, plus I'm an old man who's pretty computer illiterate.
I hope you'll overlook my apparently stupid questions.
This may be a thread that's already been started, but I couldn't find any such thread (or at least one that contained the answer I was looking for!)
I'm looking for an app that creates folders for SMS, and permits movement of messages thereto on the phone (not the PC).
SMS Classic View by sunilbs046 would seem to be something like what I'm looking for, but apparently it's only compatible with Android OS versions up to 3.2.
I have a ZTE v790 (rooted) dual-sim phone with ICS v4.0.4.
I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.


Hello, shiroisaru... ;)

Welcome to the community. Hopefully someone with this information will be able to chime in to assist you.

Best luck.