Help SMS for Lenovo A2107 anyone?


Just bought an A2107A over other similar priced (and more expensive) tablets as the Lenovo has built in GPS and two SIM slots for 2G and 3G. GPS took a while for first fix out the box but now fine. SIM works on 3G and frees you from WiFi coverage or one of those little WiFi boxes. I can now run Google Maps with location by gps and maps from 3G.

Now all I need to be able do is send an SMS to a standard mobile. I don't want messaging over the data network to another tablet but simple SMS send and receive to 2G phone.

**** Edit - answered my own question. ****
My 3G sim in the tablet was data only. I made use of the second sim slot in the A2107 and put in the Virgin PAYG sim from my mobile. Next time I ran the Messaging app it asked me which sim to use for messages. I chose the Virgin (shown as T-Mobile network) and it then sent the SMS message okay.

So now I see a good reason for the A2107 having two sim slots. You can have a data only sim plus a phone sim.

Its a great tablet by the way with all this connectivity as well.