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SMS/Messages View and Photo

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by newnameforme, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. newnameforme

    newnameforme Newbie
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    The view of my messages menu is currently just a white background and the text in black . I remember before doing anything with my phone that i just got yesterday, that it was with the speech bubbles like the iphone set up . Is there a way i can change it back ?
    Also, when i send my texts, the picture that shows on the left for myself (not the person sending me a message) is my facebook picture,but i want it to be my twitter picture instead .
    I've just started to use the HTC yesterday, and the whole syncing and contacts system is so confusing to me . How do i just view my contacts with phone numbers and not everyone that i have on facebook and twitter ?

    Thanks !


  2. amdviper

    amdviper Newbie

    Hello. To view my contacts I just tap my contacts icon. It shows only the contacts I have added on my phone. No facebook or twitter contacts. As for the picture your referring to, mine uses the pic I have on my contact card. Which is located at the top of my contacts list. If you want to use your twitter pic, transfer it to your phone, then place it as your pic on your contact card.

    As for the bubbles, I looked around in the settings and unless I missed it, I didn't see an option for that. I use GO SMS PRO which you can set it for a list, or bubbles. Plus so much more. Its much better than the standard stock one. Give it a try HERE Sorry I'm not much help. Maybe someone else can be more helpful.
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  3. newnameforme

    newnameforme Newbie
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    Sorry to sound like a huge n00b . But where can i find the contacts icon ?
  4. amdviper

    amdviper Newbie

    When I got mine it was on the home screen (desktop). Obviously yours must not be there so look where all your apps are and it should be there. Also you can find it when you make a call. At the bottom of your key pad, below the numbers you should see contacts. Tap on that and your there. To add icons to your home screen or other screens, just long press your screen and a window will pop up. You will have the option of adding applications, widgets, etc.

    Don't worry about being a noob. We all were there in the same place at one time, and I basically still am a noob myself. You learn by asking questions. The more you play around with it, the more you'll learn. Just give it a little time.

    Hope this was of some help to you.
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