Help SMS Notifications Missing

Hello fellow members,

A very frustrating issue has occured (not sure when) but it has been for a while now. When I receive a SMS (text message), most of the time it will notify me by means of an icon in my notification area, an audible notification and the "Messages" icon will display the amount of unread messages. When it does notify me and I reply to a message, it will not notify me if someone replies back.

Is this a common issue, and if so how do I fix it? :(

Thanks guys



Android Expert
I've never had this issue before. My message app keeps 20 messages of each conversation, so they all appear like replies to me. I get a message notification with every message regardless of whether it is a reply or not.
i had this problem when i got my phone back in Dec 2010, never did find a fix as such but i did download SMS popup and used that to replace the default notifcations (which i switched off as occasionally i got duplicate notifications).

no problems since :)