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General SMS Pop up Preview no longer works?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by craigls, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Bit of advice needed please for someone with limited technical knowledge!!!

    Ive had a Galaxy s3 since December and up until this week had been quite happily using it with the app SMS Popup that showed a pop up window on the screen with a message preview, contacts name etc whenever a text message came through even if the phone was locked. I'm using the stock handset lock options of swiping the screen (with the ripple effect) which then takes it to the facial recognition unlock to unlock the phone. Up until this week, the SMS Popup would light up the screen and appear even if the phone was locked. All of a sudden in the last couple of days it has stopped working - the screen no longer even lights up when a message is received and the pop up doesnt override the lock feature. All i get is the message tone and a blinking light. Once i unlock the phone the pop up preview window appears. I tried deleting SMS Popup and trying GO SMS Pro instead but this does the same?

    I got a software update on the handset earlier in the week that i installed and it seems to be after this that it stopped working so i assume it is something related to this? I've been in and checked all the settings i can think of for the lock screen, the stock messaging app and the two apps i installed to try it but cant see anything glaringly obvious?

    Anyone have any ideas how to get a pop up preview window back and working again that appears when i receive a text regardless of the phone being locked or not please?


  2. I am having the same problem with my galaxy s3, after updating with the latest update last week. Now go sms pop up not working over pattern/pin lock screen. Also notification bar preview not shown on lock screen. you have to unlock the phone to get the sms details. I think this has been made to more secure privacy for android users. As any body can see your private sms or even reply from pop up in your absense. But i was like sms pop up feature as it saves time and you dont need to unlock to see the sms. Is anybody found the solution please reply how can we again enable this feature.

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