SMS PopUP Questions / advice / alternative?


love sms popup i think it should come as standard!

there is several features im missing (i think they would be useful), maybe im missing a setting somewhere, if anyone could help or even suggest an alternative i would be grateful.

is there a way to have the number of unread messages in the popup (i sometimes have 2 arrive at the same time and dont know unless i look in my messaging app and see there's this green circle indicating this?)

is there a way to 'dismiss' the pop up for the time being and have it remind you that you still haven't read the text yet? a few times i am in the middle of something and want to deal with the text later? for example a dismiss button that is based on the already present reminder function? - i think ive found the solution with this under Additional Settings>Other > Mark Read.

assuming i understand the app correctly the reminder only works if the pop up is left on screen? is there anyway to change this?

How is the screen wake time set for when a message comes in and the pop up shows? (i previously tried SMSAwake but popup added some features i was missing from my nokia!)

- using HTC Desire 2.2