SMS question


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Now that sprint has fixed the battery issue with the messaging app I had a question. Is there any reason to use handcent or chompsms for performance? I have used the native messaging app and both handcent and chompsms. TBH I am not really interested in changing the fonts or background images or any of those types of customizations. In this case the stock app works fine. But if either of the 2 apps from the market actually perform better then that would be a reason for me to use them.


The main reason I use handcent is that it will automatically compress pictures for MMS where as the stock app will just tell you they are too large.

I also prefer Handcents default user interface to the stock messaging app.


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My GSM Hero automatically shrinks photos for MMS with the stock messaging app. I'm surprised to learn that it doesn't do that for the CDMA version.