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SMS Receive Not working on any ROM

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bradrobster@gmail.com, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. bradrobster@gmail.com

    Thread Starter

    Problem: Cannot receive SMS or MMS

    Ever since flashing CyanogenTazz v5 ( Let me start by saying I DO NOT think this is related to the rom but rather to something that has happened in an effort to fix mms). Even flashing back to working White Widow ROM's as well as a full NAND restore to an older working WW4.6 still has the receive portion of SMS broken.

    I had the same problems many had with mms..etc. I really don't use MMS, but I do use the normal sms text messaging quite a lot.

    I can send texts(SMS) but get the same stuck "sending" on MMS.

    This is where the problem is different, I have tried everything that i could find to try and fix this. The problem could have been caused by executing the 2 steps in the FAQ on the xda site under the Cyamogen Tazz thread ( Post 2).

    What I have done to try and fix:

    1) executed the step one fix on the FAQ post over on xda for CynanogenTazz regarding APN backup and restore. I even backed up the working APN from my daughters rooted 2.1 WW and tried to restore it, it failed. In doing so, I examined the xml files and noticed that the verizon stanza in her working one had APN="", vs what I had was APN=internet. I then made a copy of my file, edited the verizon stanza, saved it, deleted APN's and then restored the edited file. Same results.

    2) I have wiped and flashed this thing so many times and in so many different orders in response to the 180+ threads have suggested to do. Like I stated above, I have also wiped and flashed back to WW as well as trying 3 other Froyo ROM's, all with the exact same results.

    3) I also executed the 2nd option in the FAQ. This is where I thought I would have some luck as this actually replaces the apn-conf.xml and Mms.apk files in the system directory after mounted using adb.

    This also did not work but has me thinking if there is something else that is sticking and perhaps needs to be replaced. I am hopefull that the CyanogenTazz v6 will fix my problem but since the problem is pervasive across all other roms, I am not optimistic.

    I am just looking for some of you smart dev types out there that may know the inner workings of those apk modules or other modules ( radio?) that may need to be replaced/reflashed.

    Sorry for the long post but I have tried to do my homework on this one and its driving me nuts, I would feel better if I had been able to flash back or NAND restore to something that works while waiting on v6 but now it doesnt seem to matter. ANY and ALL help is much appreciated. I also put my $$ where my mouth is and have donated to Tazz, Andrizoid and others on the forum for their help and progress and will continue to do so.
    Thanks :)

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  2. bradrobster@gmail.com

    Thread Starter

    Update: SMS now working. Here is all I did:

    1) While still flashed on Tazzv5, I went into manage applications and tried to clear data on each of the 3 com.* apps...mainly just out of desperation since I had tried everything else. I then tried to send myself a txt and got nothing.
    2) I remembered that I had Evil Eris 3.0 that I had never tried to flash back to it. I wiped data&cache (3 times each for good measure) and flashed EE 3.0. Booted up and got nothing, sent myself a txt and got it, then got the flood of txts that I have missed over the last 3-4 days.
    3) I downloaded APN backup and Restore again and backed up the APN. Did a NAND backup and Nand+ext backup and made copies of the SD card while in a fully working state.
    4) I compared the xml on the working apn and nothing really stood out, matter of fact, it doesnt even label the working one as Verizon. I am not so sure how critical the APN really is?? The APN that I downloaded yesterday from the forum had over 900 entries and my working one and my daughters working one only has 3 stanzas with no real difference in content....not sure what gives.

    If one of you real smart guys can help me understand it, it would be appreciated!!

    I am still awaiting v6. I hope that I dont have this problem again!
  3. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Android Enthusiast

    im working on a similar issue right now on my wife's phone. I flashed CelebFroyo, and the inbound messaging stopped working, outbound works fine (go figure?) Then flashed to Kaosfroyo

    so far, backing up my phones apn data and loading it on my wife's doesn't work. removing the databases for the com databases doesn't work either... the hunt is on..
  4. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Android Enthusiast

    OK, doing all the above didn't really work, this did work:

    Nandbackup of my froyo install.
    wiped cache and factory reset
    flashed Ivans Official V1, setup my google account and right away texts came through. I installed apnbackup then again wiped cache and factory reset.
    restored my nandbackup

    as soon as I loaded back up my texting was fixed instantly......????? why... I dont know, but it worked. Something about loading a non-froyo rom fixes the issue, because the NANDrestore should have kept the issue....

    the wierd part was I had flashed and wiped kaos and celeb and both had the same bug which started from flashing celeb. but this is not normal... go figure. happy now :)

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