Sms sluggish after froyo


so after i installed froyo ive been experiencing lag when i open my sms. is there any fix for this other than a hard reset. i really dont want to lose all my info and go through the hassle or inputting all my stuff again. will there be a patch available for froyo maybe?
I am having this problem as well - and I did do a hard reset after updating to Froyo (just because I kind of wanted to...I like starting from a clean slate every once in awhile). I thought it was just a bug with Handcent SMS - are you using stock and having the same problem?


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im using the stock..would it be better to switch to a different sms client? with the hard reset what all will i have to reinstall?
Hmm, you could try a hard reset, but I can't guarentee that it will fix the problem as I am having it too and I did a hard reset right after the Froyo update. If you do try a hard reset, you will lose all your data, have to reinstall all of your apps and setup all your settings again. You can get a backup utility to save the important stuff (MyBackupPro works great, and works on non-rooted phones).


it could be the fact that you have a lot of SMS stored. my gf had 2600 text conversation between her and i, it lagged like 3-5 seconds to send, the only way is to delete the sms texts and you'll notice a snappier difference. if you want make sure you download smsbackup where you can export into xml format for safekeeping.


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Wow. I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I deleted a lot of text and it got better but it still has a slight lag that wasn't there before.