SMS software with traditional folders?

It seems that Android has no way to disable the threaded (conversation) view of sms messages in the default application? I would like to have "the traditional view" with inbox/outbox/drafts/saved folders and every message as an individual entry sorted by time. I know some people like the threaded view, and people in some countries seem to use text messages like im software, but I'd want the non-threaded view due to some technical reasons (automation systems sending texts from various numbers) and personal preference.

There used to be some good apps for this, and I seem to recall using Pansi SMS some time ago before the company forced me to use iPhone for a while. It seems the current version no longer supports this. Any recommendations for (at least somewhat) professional software with that option?


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According to the Play Store description "Easy SMS" by Pansi Studios (the current name of Pansi SMS, not to be confused with other apps called "Easy SMS") still supports the" inbox view". So you should just be able to use that as before.