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SMS Sounds Ringtones

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by wanderer1479, Jun 8, 2017.

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    One more application with ringtones is available to you! If you got tired of boring melodies in your device and you want new sounds for SMS notifications, then you can find them in this top app.

    Just click this link and you'll be able to download it for free:https://goo.gl/7CrWpK :)

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SMS Sounds Ringtones

SMS Sounds Ringtones Forum


SMS Sounds Ringtones app offers you opportunity to have the best sounds collection of latest SMS ringtones for your Android. Download this cool app and you will get the most popular SMS and notification ringtones in one app for free. We give our best and made especially for you sms soundboard with variety of ringtones for text messages, notifications, or alert tones. This app has variety of guitar SMS tones, drums effecs, Christmas sounds and many short, long, loud and funny sounds. Short text messages help us to stay in touch with dear people. This ringtones app provides you plenty different and latest sounds, which you can use as techno SMS, or ring alarm, chat notification, or alert tone. This is on first place very funny ringtones app. Get some positive atmosphere, sunshine and summer laugh in your life. Grab top sounds ringtones right now. Text sounds ringtones will make your day in best way. Our mission is to provide the newest and free ringtones for your mobile. You can find there and many perfect sound effects such as whistle, car, fart, cartoon..... Set best sms ringtones per contact easily, with personal call and SMS tones for each of your contacts. SMS Sounds Ringtones is an application with the collection of carefully picked classical melodies, bip, bells, as well as funny and weird sounds to set as an new sms tone. In this funny soundboard you can find hilarious animal sounds, funny singing, baby sounds and other crazy things to set as text message ringtone. Smooth, loud and fast rhythms, then many short rain samba ringtones, harp strum, trumpet, electric riff, rooster crows and many, many others. Welcome to club of sms sounds lover. This awesome free android app is divided into two sections. First section covers latest ringtones that you can install as a ringtone, or assign cool ringtones to each of your contacts! The next section contains amazing sms sounds and notification sounds. After you have listened to all ringtones and melodies, you can separate best ringtones into favorite folder. Don’t forget to use more apps button to see what else we offer to you and be sure to have always the best sounds for your android device! Main Features: Set as ringtone Asign to contacts Choose favorite Set as message tone, notification or alarm Sound used in app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license App is tested on many Android devices

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