May 28, 2010
Hi guys,

I got my first Android device two days ago at last. While I'm not even close to exploring the OS, I have already made a small annoying discovery about SMSes.

In the build-in sms app is great for notifications and ticker information (the bar at the top). It does everything right, i.e. show the message icon which disappears when checking the in-box and most importantly: the received message is shown perfectly the in ticker with all content, line by line.

I my experience neither Handsent nor Chompsms can do the last trick. Handsent only shows the last line of a multi-line message and Chompsms shows the message for 1/1000 sec.

A solution would be to use the build-in notification ticker and have the 3. party app remove this when the message is read. However, this can't be done.

It's a ridiculous small issues but the ticker is such a sweet feature that I would really love a perfect solution. And I don't think in build-in app is colorful enough but the 3. party apps don't get the ticker right.

To sum up: Looking for an app the does the ticker trick right and have a great looking design!

Please advise :)
Hey, welcome to the forum! :D

So what is your preferred (so far) app for reading/writing text messages? You can have the stock app deliver notifications, but map the OS to start another app when you want to read the message. However, apps like Handcent have their own notification styles, and you will want to turn off notifications from all-but-one app so that you don't get three different notifications about the same message.

Android is a very open platform but there are limits, and figuring out the right combination can be a little tricky for a newbie. But congratulations on your new phone (what type? update your info ;)) and on finding this place.

Have fun!