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Smurfs Village -

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by stonefox, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. stonefox

    stonefox Member
    Thread Starter

    I play the Smurfs Village and has trouble getting "Invite a neighbor" to work - others with same problem?

    Someone who knows where the new Canadian version of the game can be downloaded?

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  2. Glutz

    Glutz Newbie

    I downloaded but i didn't really like..for IPAD anyway.

    Getting Samsung Intercept(Virgin Mobile) Sunday i guess *shrugs*
  3. JiggaGeazY

    JiggaGeazY Well-Known Member

    Im waiting to get my hands on it for my wife but it's only available in canada right now.
  4. Wom

    Wom Well-Known Member

    Wasn't even aware it was out on Android?
  5. 123-lancy

    123-lancy Lurker

    Hi all. does anyone know why smurfs village on android is not compatible with the new motorola MB860 phone?
  6. zaira

    zaira Lurker

    How can I download smurf village to my galaxy mini??please help..!

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