Dec 11, 2011
Does anyone know a fix for Snapchat... It's always has been very buggy with this device but now... Now, I can't even send video messages. Whether you're rooted, or not. Does anyone have a fix besides downgrading to an older version(That's what I did)?
Yes, I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling... Are you running the most updated version of Snapchat because they sent out and update with a complete redesign today?
Looks like I have the same problem with taking video. Everything else seems to be alright.

However, this is my first problem with the app. What other problems have you come across, and what makes you believe it's related to this device?

After taking a look at the app page in the Play Store it looks like many other people have similar problems with video across many devices.

My guess here is that it's the app, not the phone. Try notifying the developer about the problem. That's what I'm gonna do.