So far, better than my Galaxy Nexus!!!!


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I got my tab 2 and the 1st thing I did was pop in a class 10 32GB SD card full of videos that had problems playing with my Galaxy Nexus.

My suspicions were confirmed. Samsung's built in player works great. The Galaxy Nexus, a google device, I ascertain that Google was too cheap to pony up for codec licenses.

I played 2 1080p videos that stuttered and played 10 fps on my Galaxy Nexus using Dice Player and MX Player.

The Tab 2. Played them with no problems. MP4 was fine as expected. 1080p videos played like my iPad 3. Samsung ponied up the money for the codecs.

I will have to test 1080p mkvs. I only have some 720p and it played.

Now, the problem is the sdcard is only formatted FAT32 so I don't know how I'm gonna play a full 1080p 6GB movie on it,

I will write up some more thoughts as I play with this. So far, I like it.. And it is very hard to pull me away from my beloved 64GB 4G LTE fully loaded iPad 3.


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Thanks for the review.

What resolution do you recommend converting your videos to on the Tab 2?


The reason why I got this is because I wanted to play videos by copying over to the sdcard without conversion.

But if I had to convert, I would do a 720p ipad profile 1280x720 in h.264 mp4.

I am just glad to know i can drop most of my videos and be certain it will play most of tnem.