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so far, so good.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by turboranger91, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. turboranger91

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    picked up my new one s at the t-mobile store here in kissimmee, fl yesterday morning right when they opened. looks like i'm one of, if not the first person in the country to own one. lol. anywho.... coming from a mytouch 4g, i have to say i love this thing. the screen is so much nicer. all the colors are so vibrant and rich. the black actually looks black. is so thin and lightweight. i find myself checking my pocket all the time to see if it's still there. ics is much nicer than gingerbread. not too sure about the sense though... i don't even use it. i use adw. the processor is FAST! so much faster than the mytouch. it moves seamlessly from one app to another, and they open much faster. it has been a bit of a pain to get it all set up since it doesn't have an sd card. the camera is nothing short of amazing. the hdr setting takes incredible pictures. it's got a macro setting, which is pretty cool. it actually works well. the panoramic feature is awesome. i've never actually used anything like that before, and they turn out great. video quality couldn't be better. one thing that i don't like is that you actually have to go into the settings to switch between front and rear cameras.

    list of things i really like:

    1. i love the design of the phone. it's so thin and lightweight. the anodized aluminum looks really nice. i just hope it holds up well. i'm terrified that i'm going to scratch it. i'm pretty rough on my phones. otterbox doesn't make a case yet, but case mate does... and it looks pretty snazzy. the fact that it's got gorilla glass is a big plus too.

    2. the camera and video recorder are amazing.

    3. i use mine in my truck a lot. the car dock is so much nicer than it's been in the past. very user friendly. everything is made so much larger than it has been before. makes using it much easier.

    4. the snapdragon processor is hands down the fastest i've ever used. the quad core phones have their work cut out for them to be this responsive.

    5. the battery last all day. i would have to have a charger everywhere i went with my mytouch, but this thing just won't die!

    the list of things i don't like is pretty small:

    1. beats audio. i can't tell much of a difference at all. i know that i can't turn the volume up all the way on the internal speaker or it will break up.

    2. not having a method of quickly switching from front to rear camera.

    3. not having as sd card makes set up a bit more time consuming.

    4. they did away with the four soft keys at the bottom and instead put the fouth key (menu) on the screen itself. you actually loose 1/4" of screen at the bottom because of this.

    5. the giant ass t-mobile on the front of the phone. just looks dumb.

    anyhow....those are my thoughts after the first day.

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  2. Zanzizi

    Zanzizi Lurker

    But do you have push?
    If so, put your phone down for an hour then send yourself an email.
    Did it work?
    If so, let me know how please.
    I'm not finding the battery to be as good as you describe.
    I've had mine nearly 10 days now.
  3. Im loving it so far too.

    What I like:

    The screen looks fantastic. I've read a lot of people complain that it isn't as crisp or HD like as the One X or other phones, but I think it looks awesome and clear.

    The feel of the phone is small and light, fits well in my hand. The hardware is great. Reminds me of my Nexus One

    The audio is actually really loud when you turn up the volume. Much much louder than my Nexus One.

    The camera is great! I love that there is no lag between taking pictures. You can take pictures while you are recording.

    I'm actually fine with not having an SD card. I had everything backed up on my computer anyways, just plugged in the One S, and restored things. It did take longer than it should, but what else can you do. I think 10gm of phone storage and 2+gb of internal storage is good for me. (We'll see what I say in 2 years)

    As TurboRanger91 said the car dock is much much better than the gingerbread version. It actually makes me want to try it. Normally I would just open up the "Navigation" app and use that instead but I may use the car dock now.

    It's super fast, and the battery has not lasted me all day, but that is because I have been playing on it all the time, doing things that would normally drain the battery. So I haven't been able to see how it is under my normal use, and not my "I have a new phone going to play with it all day" use...

    What I don't care for:

    I have had a few times where the phone resets itself. I think it is because one of the apps that I have isn't quite compatible with 4.0.

    The location of the usb port. I'm used to having it on the bottom of the phone rather than the side.

    The notification light is so dang small and only blinks green, and only blinks for a few minutes. I would like to be able to change the color for certain notifications and for it to stay on until I dismiss it.

    Having trouble keeping the WiFi on. It keeps wanting to disconnect on me. I've found a few "solutions" but they didn't work out for me.

    I agree on the T-Mobile logo on the phone... I hate it.
  4. turboranger91

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    my gmail account comes through just fine, but for some reason, my aol account only comes through when i open the app.
    an example of battery life. i work third shift, and on the ride in to work last night, i plugged the phone into my stero and began listening to music. the screen stays on in the car dock mode. it takes me 20 minutes to get to work. all night at work, i was listening to music. several checks of facebook, a handful of youtube videos, and a bit of web browsing. here we are 12 hours of fairly heavy use and the battery is at 23%. my mytouch would have died at 2am. lol.
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  5. Zanzizi

    Zanzizi Lurker

    Thanks for getting back to me :)
    What email app are you using?
    I'm using K-9 Mail and if it's not running in the background then it doesn't work.
    Any tips?!
  6. APSoft

    APSoft Newbie

    Seems like I've made the right choice. I was actually looking for a phone, which had design similar to Nexus One, but with a modern hardware. Sensation was close, but a bit too bulky. When I saw the first announcements of the One S, I thought - this is it!
    Now I just cannot wait until it will arrive. :)

    Yes, I did the same with my Nexus S, which doesn't have an SD slot either, so don't see a problem here. SD card slot makes the phone more versatile, and gives some additional peace of mind (in that unfortunate case if the phone dies, you can just pop the card out with all your stuff).

    What is that "Car Dock" you guys mention? Is that just the Car application or an actual piece of hardware, the car dock/holder?

    Yes, I don't like it on the side. Makes it difficult to hold the phone while it's charging. Though it might probably be better than with Sensation, where the USB port is on the side, and in the lower half.

    Yeah, I liked that trackball/notification LED on Nexus One very much! That LED was very visible and useful. And the trackball helps a lot to position a cursor in the text while editing - too bad the modern phones don't have that.

    Did you see the NoLED app? It is specifically designed to be used with AMOLED screen, which consumes very little power when displaying a black pixel. That application displays notifications as small icons on black background, so even the screen is on, it doesn't kill your battery. It is very customizable, and really helpful on a phone without (or with unreadable) LED notification light. I use it on my Nexus S.

    Wow! This is bad! Have you heard if it's a common problem? I use my phone mostly with WiFi, need it to work well.

    Agree. "htc" is much more subtle and stylish.

    I also don't like that Google got rid of the dedicated Menu button, and the phones now have only 3 buttons. The hardware buttons give so much advantage! 4-8 additional actions without taking any screen space! Now it's one button less. :(
    Especially bad when these 3 buttons are hardware, and not expandable, like software buttons on Galaxy Nexus, where a small Menu button may appear on the side for older apps, not covering a whole bottom of the screen like on this One series.
  7. Yeah I was referring to the Car application. I just wish I would be able to get rid of Tunein and use Pandora instead.

    Thank you! Im going to look into this app.

    I have realized that the wifi disconnects in only one section of my house. So I am hoping that it is just an issue of location. I have not been able to try wifi outside of my house yet to test and see if it is only that one room in my house.

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