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General So far

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mynamestiki1, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. mynamestiki1

    mynamestiki1 Member
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    Sep 23, 2012

    Sep 23, 2012
    This phone is excellent for the money i paid. 150 bucks from walmart, straight talk variant. Monthly bill is nice and cheap at 45 bucks.
    I noticed the textured back as soon as i took it out of the box. Definately makes the phone more grippy. I turned it on and was greeted by a nice bright, clear display with no fuzziness whatsoever. Screen is perfectly responsive. All menus scroll buttery smooth. So far so good.
    Plugged the phone into my laptop to root. At this point i was nervous. Ive been through some real nightmares recently with rooting. My beloved Optimus Net took me six hours to root. I tried for a full day to root a Hero without success. But i was delighted to get the Proclaim rooted in about twenty minutes without hassle using the odin method. There is a bug in my phone now that makes it act as a cd drive when plugged into a pc via usb, but this is a very minor nuisance. The sd slot is on the side of the phone and easy to access so popping it in and out of a reader is no problem
    After activating the phone with a straight talk card, i tested the data speed. I found that youtube videos loaded around three times as fast on this phone and more reliably than they did on the Optimus Net (net ten on Sprint towers). Data speed on the stock browser was very fast, search results from google popped up in about two to two and a half seconds. Phone holds 3G at all times that data is enabled and having had it active for a week it has yet to drop 3G and aquire 1x, something my Optimus did regularly. Email messages came through reliabley.
    I popped the sd card from my Optimus into the Proclaim and tested videos that the Optimus had played at glitched, unsynced, terrible quality and was delighted when mx player handled them flawlessly. I underclocked the processor by 20 percent to 800 mhz and still got perfect quality. Sound quality from videos and mp3 files was also quite good. Phone still operated smoothly and with no lag. Underclocked to 400mhz with same results. Videos glitched at this speed but just barely.
    The gps locks on quickly and reliabley even inside a vehicle. Maps load quickly and voice commands are reliable and accurate.
    On to software. The phone came with a bunch of manufacturer crap on it. Two music players (not sure why they put two in this thing but w/e), google books (useless) some crap called share all, facebook (useless since i dont network socially), some other nonsense. Removed all the garbage with gemini and nobloat so now there is oodles of storage for apps.
    A couple minor things Im not pleasd about: The tip on how to organize the menu pops up whenever I optimize ram and then press menu and it is slightly annoying. Also the phone came with a 2gb sd card. Samsung couldve given us a four. Oh well. I suppose they couldve included a free pony too but profit margin is profit margin.
    Overall I give the Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Proclaim four and a half out of five stars. I had thought the Lg Optimus Net would have to be pried from my lifeless fingers but now that I have the Proclaim I dont even miss it. I hope you enjoyed my poorly written and badly organized review. Wrote the whole thing on the Proclaim using the Phandroid app. Like a boss.


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