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So glad verizon isnt doing this with the droid

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by Wiggles, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Wiggles

    Wiggles Newbie
    Thread Starter

  2. DapCorderman

    DapCorderman Member

    Expect VZW to take this stance with new plans later this year.

    " Verizon Wireless CEO Lowell McAdam said last week that it would "make sense" to have such pricing later this year when his company introduces a speedy 4G service."
  3. square

    square Android Enthusiast

    yeah... it's coming.
  4. messenger13

    messenger13 Android Expert

    "Most" smartphone users will be just fine with 2 Gb plans.
  5. tomato88

    tomato88 Android Enthusiast

    I hardly use more than 1gig per month, and I don't tether. I think it'd be much better if the unlimited plan stayed, so that everyone's happy while people like me can save $5 every month.
  6. Flahusky

    Flahusky Well-Known Member

    You didn't read the article did you?
    AT&T will 'grandfather' those that want to keep the '5gb unlimited' plan HOWEVER they can not tether (legitimately).
    For a lot of people they will save $ with this new plan, They had no choice it was $30 period. Now they can get a 200mb plan for $15 and with what AT&T reports this is fine in 65% of the cases. Of course if you go over they automatically 'give' you another 200mb for $15 making your monthly data $30 for 400mb of data which you used to pay for '5gb unlimited' . What a deal!

    Now the 'power users' are getting eff'd, They lost 3gb of data usage for $5 less a month. Then they are getting 1gb of data back for $10? WTF AT&T?
    You know AT&T ran simulations on this and will be making bank on it.
  7. one4u2nv

    one4u2nv Member

    If they (Verizon) follow the same model that AT&T is using it wouldn't matter for us anyway. If you already have unlimited you are grandfathered in regardless. Even if you upgrade your phone.
  8. Polymira

    Polymira Member

    That's not absolutely the case....

    If you upgrade your phone they can require you to change your plan. Specifically they can make certain phone require a specific plan at a minimum... they simply would make the specific plan be the non unlimited.'

    However they can't make you change your plan while you're under contract if you keep the same phone and want to keep the same plan ... otherwise you'd be able to get out of your contract free.
  9. one4u2nv

    one4u2nv Member

    Good point. I didn't look at it that way. Man these big companies have a knack for using word play and leaving information out in their announcements.
  10. thenew3

    thenew3 Android Enthusiast

    I normally only use between 500mb to 1gb a month, including all of my work and personal email being pushed, reading news daily and a little bit of youtube.

    However last month it suddenly went to 6GB, It turns out, I was rooted, and on a custom ROM, the phone kept trying to download the official 2.1 ROM every couple of hours, thus racking up the 6GB useage in 1 month. So after fixing that problem, this month, so far 1/2 way through the billing cycle and it's already showing 2gb of use. The phone is not trying to download a rom, but I don't know where all that usage comes from. Looking at the details from myverizon. it shows most days as just 10 MB or so of use, but 1 day this billing cycle it had 1.5GB, and the following day was just under 500MB. Not sure what it was trying to download those days.
    It would be helpful if there was a tool within the android phone/OS itself that shows you how much data it is using or has been using. So you can gauge.

    If they go to a pricing plan with limits, many people will get surprise bills.

    6 months ago I got a $400 data bill (not as big as some of the other people) because for some reason, verizon put all my data usage on my wife's line that doesn't have a data plan. while mine had an unlimited plan. Took several calls and many hours to get it straightened out.
  11. mazz0310

    mazz0310 Android Enthusiast

    I dont know why, but for 3 or 4 months in a row I used 4 GB, this month I only used 800 MB and it ends the 7th....and I haven't changed the way I use the device so like you said ^^ expect surprise bills.
  12. Prime

    Prime Well-Known Member

    yeah like me

    in a month I used less than a gig
  13. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    AFAIK, Verizon currently does not require customers to change their plan when upgrading to a new phone...if they started doing that it would be a new approach...and I think violate their standing practice of allowing customers to retain their current plan even when it is replaced by new ones. Maybe I'm missing something here...
  14. rb240z

    rb240z Newbie

    If they offered 5gb for $30 and got rid of unlimited I wouldn't care so much, but 2gb for $25 sucks.
  15. Soultics

    Soultics Well-Known Member

    While we will be grandfathered in for any pricing structure tier, my thoughts is they will just make a new data package that is required for 4G, so if you want to keep that 3G unlimited, you'll be free to.
  16. karimarie

    karimarie Well-Known Member

    I use the app Personal Assistant Free for this--it will track your texts, minutes, AND data usage! It's awesome. :D
  17. Chugworth

    Chugworth Member

    Yes, it's only a matter of time. I pretty much stay under 2GB each month, so that system wouldn't be too bad for me. However, when 4G starts rolling out, those bandwidth caps will CERTAINLY need to be raised quite a bit.
  18. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Android Expert

    or just use the free VZW app called My Verizon - get text, minutes, data usage that is correct as I have tried to use so many of the outside apps that try to track minutes, data, text and they have never ever been correct. they often cannot account for night/weekend or you billing day or miss texts in/out or whatever. nothing is as accurate as My Verizon as it is just a portal to the site but reports all the key usage details on 1 cool screen with a green bar graph.
  19. OMJ

    OMJ Bazinga

    I am sure when we switch to 4g we will be forced to change our plans. They arent going to grandfather our 3g plans into 4g plans.
  20. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    If we don't get unlimited data with Verizon's 4G, I'm going to grandfather the unlimited 3G data plan I have right now by switching to Sprint's unlimited 4G data plan. :rolleyes:
  21. skunkpbguy

    skunkpbguy Android Enthusiast

    I consume much more than 2G.. need more input!
  22. DroidPower

    DroidPower Android Enthusiast

    Data plans will all be changing as 4g arrives and phone capabilities increase which uses data... hopefully existing customers will keep their UNLIMITED plan with renewals. All carriers will make adjustments sooner or later with video calls and other data programs becoming available.
  23. zim2704

    zim2704 Well-Known Member

    I truly glad i am not with att or plan to ever go to att because with no tethering, just browsing the web with pandora and you tube I consistantly go over 2gb per month(only on occasion over 5gb). The only good thing is I have great network coverage in central and western kansas with sprint if verizon ever tries a bs move like this or requires a change from my old alltel plan on an upgrade.
  24. njKeever

    njKeever Well-Known Member

    I would love the $15 option, my wife uses almost no data! I, on the other hand, am looking forward to being grandfathered in!
  25. godfish

    godfish Newbie

    I love that ATT and Apple keep hammering nails in the coffin lid! Their network sucks and they know it? they can't keep up with the data the people are using and don't have the money to upgrade the network, so how do they get it? by BONING everyone for it.

    Apple and Flash was the first BIG mistake, now this? I hope moto can make enough Droids because theres going to be a lot of new accounts opening :cool:

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