Help So..... Has vzw/HTC given info on when to expect a fix.....?


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This is driving me absolutely nuts... I'm on my 3rd tbolt and still getting random reboots 10-20 times a day and zero gps accuracy. What burns me more than anything is that when you calll them, they act as if they have never heard of this issue before and want you to restore... Is that all those employees were taught?

Anyways.. Has anyone got info on when there will be an available fix? If not, I am headed to best buy this am, giving their tbolt back and going back to apple before my 14 days runs up. :mad:

It really is ashame that vzw and htc are allowing this to happen... I made the jump from apple to android and absolutely loved this phone but I can not remain with a platform that proves to be this unreliable.
The rebooting would be a major PITA, I don't seem to get the re-booting anylonger but i was getting once + a day before I went on vacation in another VZW market but now I don't seem do back in my home market. Strange for sure!
I am in the same boat I am on my 4th replacement tb each one seems to have a different issue then the last. I mean I thought they are supposed to check these out the one I got had the screen coming apart and it was clearly noticable. It is getting annoying. I am tired of this and I have never had any issues with a phone like I have with this one.