So I finally got the G2


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I finally went ahead and got a G2 today. I was previously android user, but for the last few months had been using an iphone 4. I loved how everything always worked on the iphone, and the look and feels of things, how I could make the text HUGE on both my texts and emails with a simple slide of a cursor, and so on -- but the lack of notification light and inability to turn off the annoying and useless outgoing text sound and a couple of other things that annoyed the hell out of me led me to give G2 a try instead of getting an iphone 6.

First impressions? Boy, how I love that notification light! I installed light flow, and never missing a message and not having to turn on my phone all day long to check for messages is a godsend. Love the big alarm app and ease of use, and several other things about the phone. And swiftkey is amazing!

Unfortunately, I'm shocked at how glitchy android seems -- which stirred up some old memories -- with apps "closing unexpectantly" and unpredictable behavior here and there. Plus set up issues in various areas and what not. Lots of headaches. In contrast, there were none when I switched to iphone.

Right now I have a few problems and issues I can not figure out, and I turn to you boys and your combined wisdom to see if you can help me.

1) Font size issues. I like using a huge font -- like this size for my texts and emails so I can read them without reaching for my glasses. This is very important to me, and an area iphone excelled at. Unfortunately, as I knew coming in, unlike iphone and Samsung, the G2's maximum text size is too small for me, so this means a third party app. (Same with email, but not so concerned with that yet.)

Unfortunately, the only messaging app I've found that offers the huge fonts I need is handcent. Problem is, when I type a text that's longer than two sentences the words I'm typing start disappearing under the swifkeyboard, and I literally can't see them. (The earliest words should be pushed up and out of sight as one composes long texts, as in iphone).

Is there any solution to this? I tried three other messaging apps and for one reason or another they didn't work well. I'd hate to go back to Iphone just for this issue, but the ability to read and write texts without my glasses is crucial.

And speaking of handcent, any idea why a message and I saw and responded to an hour earlier suddenly popped up again as if it had just come in? Strange.

2) In my mailbox, I set up my yahoo account no problem. But when I went to add my hotmail account, the only other email I use, I could not. It kept saying "incorrect log-in, try again". I tried again many times, double-checking my password and all that, but to no avail. What's causing this, and is there a solution or workaround?

3) A minor issue:what's with this weird bendy/stretch affect on the home screens if you put your finger on it and 'pull'? I don't like it and would like to turn it off in possible.

4) on iphone, if got a nuisance call from a displayed number,as I often do, I could add that number to my blocked caller list. I see no such option in g2. Is there one?

5) I love swiftkey, but don't love that the word suggestions show up on top on the keyboard and in effect add another row of stuff. I know on the new iphone you can hide this row. Can you do the same somehow on LG/swiftkey? I want the autocorrections and suggestions and all that, I just don't want the additional visual clutter.

So, there you have my first day issues!:) Can anyone help with any of them? Thanks!


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Another issue:

When I go out and about, sometimes the notification bar says that wireless networks have been detected and I should set them up or whatever. I don't want to ever see this. On my iphone, the phone automatically connected to my known networks when I was around them but otherwise left me alone with no prompts or anything related to wifi.

Even under settings > wifi > advanced wifi I saw no obvious place to stop these from occuring. (A Sprint user with a G2 tried to help, but he said his settings seemed a little different).

How can I get rid of this?

Bonus points if you can tell me a way to get rid of the little announcement that shows up at the top of the screen telling which wifi network I'm when I first unlock the phone. I don't need to know, and it's distracting to the eye.