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So I walk into a VZW store......

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by mully, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. mully

    mully Member
    Thread Starter

    .....to upgrade my phone and my wifes phone. Long story short.....I'm on my 6th BB Storm and on my last visit the manager said (when I got my 6th one) that he will allow me to get a new phone early and he will move my NE2 date up so I get $100 off a new phone. (My contract isn't up until 12/19/10). Basically since I've been dealing with 6 defective phones...all confirmed by store employees.

    Finally someone who understands my pain with this phone and is willing to help me out.....

    ....So I go in there today, and of course he's not working. The manager who is working says...rudely....loud....and obnoxiously..."You can't upgrade yet! You have to wait for your upgrade date!! You don't want the Moto Droid anyway....that thing is JUNK. The battery will last MAYBE 12 hours!! And you CAN'T upgrade your wifes phone....her upgrade date isn't until TOMORROW!!" He goes on and on how I shouldn't waste my time with the DROID phones and how the Storm1 that I have is the best phone ever made...yada yada yada.

    So anyway....WOW. My typical experience going to the VZW store here in Maryland. Granted....my wifes upgrade date isn't until tomorrow 12/29....but I thought they would oblige....NOT. Technically I can't blame them for that. But seriously...I can't describe in words what a Dbag this manager was. Why on earth would he defend the Storm over the Moto Droid???? Am I crazy??

    And the icing on the cake.....what did my little eyes spy on said managers desk??? Thats right...a Moto Droid.

    Sorry for the rant......

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  2. saigon

    saigon Member

    Yeah it was kind of messed up how he was treating you but you gotta understand it was another manager that was offering that to you so you can't expect him to honor the same thing especially if he hadn't spoken to the other manager. Should've asked the other manager what day he would be coming back in so that you wouldn't have any issues.
  3. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    Wow. I don't care a damn bit if that was a manager yelling at you.
    He works in a Sales/CUSTOMER Service environment.
    He doesn't pay his paycheck, YOU DO.
    That employee is an embarassment to the company and what is suppose to be a professional business environment.
    He failed the company and he definitely let down you, your wife, and any other customer that was unfortunate enough to witness his child like antics.

    You know how the VZW down by STL handles someone with an upgrade due the next day?
    If the customer were to come in a day early, the upgrade is granted...ON THE SPOT.
    No problem. Keep the $$ train rolling forward, and keep the customer happy.

    1 more thing. For a Manager, not just a sales associate, or customer service associate, but a MANAGER to YELL,
    "You don't want the Moto Droid anyway....that thing is JUNK. The battery will last MAYBE 12 hours!!" and continue to carry on and on and on how you shouldn't waste HIS time with the DROID phones....
    This would be the last type of person I would want representing a place of business.
    You could always find out his name and give corporate a call, and let someone know about his attitude.
    I wish I would have been in the store that day.
  4. mully

    mully Member
    Thread Starter

    Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking. I don't know why they would keep that guy working there. Definately thought they would do the upgrade a day early since it would just give the company more money, and a 2 year extension on my contract.

    saigon, the 1st manager stated that he would note in my account about the early upgrade and NE2 discount. The manager yesterday never even checked the computer.
  5. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    Bad customer service. It's an epidemic in every industry. Try to get the guy's info and call corporate.
  6. DankyDroid

    DankyDroid Member

    That's weird, from the OP, it sounds like the store you were in has 2 managers?
    The store I work at, and every store I have been in has 1 manager. From the way that guy sounds, I have a hard time believing he was a store manager. He sounds like an idiot.

    Storm1 best phone ever? WTF? LMFAO!
  7. mully

    mully Member
    Thread Starter

    I returned today and dealt with the store manager who initially said he would bump up my $100 NE2. He was as nice as can be and completely professional.

    The other "manager" was also there, and I was talking about him to the real manager. The manager responded that the other guy is NOT a manager (supports your belief, DankyDroid). I just kind of said "Ohhhhhhhh" and the manager just shook his head. I just laughed.......I didn't feel like complaining about the other guy. My day was going well.

    So I ended up picking up a Moto Droid for me and my wife picked up a Droid Eris. So far, so good. I'm liking the Moto Droid so far, but I must say I really like the Eris and the UI. Very nice phone. I relly liked how the trackball lights up for notifications.

    The manager did move up my NE2 from 12/09/10 to today so I got $100 off. He really helped me out and tried to do all he could for me. Nice guy. Overall a good experience.
  8. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    Good to hear you & your wife were taken care of professionally...And with respect.
    The Android Operating system is such a huge step forward as far as stability goes, not to mention all of its bells & whistles. *Much better & reliable than the Storm*

    I'm sure you & your wife are enjoying the phones, not to mention the speedy browsers!
    ENJOY! ;)
  9. hrbib21

    hrbib21 Android Expert

    Now THAT is how customer service should be. Glad it worked out.
  10. shocker

    shocker Member

    Technically all of us VZW employees do pay our paycheck since we are all customers to. We jump through the same hoops you do when we need to upgrade/deal with customer service. Hell, I can't even walk into a store when I have a problem and replace my phone, everything has to be mailed to me.

    Also, your signing a legal binding contract that YOU agree to when you get a new phone, obviously unless your paying full retail. If your upgrade date is a certain day it IS that day. I as the customer would not walk into a place of business fully knowing what my contract is and want to do it early without expecting to pay some sort of penality.

    Glad you finally had a good experience. It probably should have been handled that way long ago. At least that's what I would have done anyhow.
  11. Barbara

    Barbara Android Expert

    But did he give you a shirt????

    GODMODE Well-Known Member

    What a moronic sales person. He needs to prmote the company in a good way, and not pick and choose his battles with what phone OEM is hot one day, and not the other.

    Read the post just before yours - its about a guy who is on his 6th Storm- all defective.
  13. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Android Enthusiast

    I too was on my 6th Storm! Each one before my current (&last one) had some sort of hardware issue. All confirmed.

    Got the Moto Droid now, I do NOT miss my Storm.
    Not looking back either.

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