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So if Nexus One = Passion and Verizon IS getting it what is the HTC Incredible?

Discussion in 'Verizon' started by Droidz, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. Droidz

    Droidz Member
    Thread Starter

    So a couple weeks ago it was leaked that Verizon would be getting an HTC phone called the Incredible.

    HTC Incredible is coming to Verizon, better live up to its name -- Engadget Mobile

    Many have speculated that this would be similar to the HTC Bravo that was leaked in the T-Mo UK catalog.

    However, many have made the observation that the Bravo and Nexus One (Passion) have very similar specs.

    My question is this. If we now know that Verizon WILL be getting the Nexus One in spring what exactly is the Incredible? I can't see Verizon releasing the N1 and then bringing out another phone that is technically specking the same phone. True the phones look slightly different visually but at the end of the day they both have the same technical specifications.

    What do you think?


  2. kwaping

    kwaping Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this is realistic, but what I would *like* to see is the Bravo come to VZW and be called "Verizon's Nexus One". I don't really care what it's called, I just want a Bravo on Verizon. The name is just for Google to be true to their word. :)

    Good question!
  3. Droidz

    Droidz Member
    Thread Starter

    I agree I prefer the color / look of the phone and the optical track pad versus the trackball. Other then those two things these two phones appear to be the same.

    Maybe the Incredible will be the fabled 4.3' touchscreen running android?
  4. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    Could be the Nexus One will be called the Droid Incredible on Verizon. It would be nice to see another HTC full sense phone hit Verizon along with the N1 but with the N1 being HTC branded I doubt it.
  5. RichP

    RichP Newbie

    It would be nice to see an HTC GSM/CDMA phone hit Verizon soon...and it doesn't look like the Nexus for Verizon will be this phone.
  6. Droidz

    Droidz Member
    Thread Starter

    I'm not sure if you missed the news today or I'm just miss reading your post, but Verizon IS getting the Nexus One.

  7. Droidz

    Droidz Member
    Thread Starter

    I wondered this myself. Kinda like how the Hero for Verizon was originally codenamed Desire. However I wonder if they are going to call it the Incredible why would they list it on the Nexus One page as coming to Verizon.

    I don't doubt that the N1 might be called something else by Verizon like how Desire became Droid Eris. But Incredible is not a Verizon rename, it was pulled direct for the ROM dump from HTC. I don't think that a Verizon code name would be in the HTC ROM, but who knows.
  8. RichP

    RichP Newbie

    I know Verizon is getting it but I don't think it's going to be a
    dual mode world phone CDMA/gsm like the blackberry storms.

    I wonder what the hold up with vodaphone getting it is.
  9. anvilt

    anvilt Member

    Verizon isn't going to sell the N1, so they aren't going to be able to name it something else. VZW already said that the N1 will only be available directly from Google and not in Verizon stores. So, if you believe (as I do) that VZW wants a high-end android with a VZW brand on it that's sold in their stores, then there must be another one on the way soon.
  10. shawn487

    shawn487 Android Enthusiast

    @anvilt my thoughts exactly verizon wants there little verizon logo on there phones you see people walking around with a verizon on a phone not droping calls or you see it at table sitting next to you at a resturant you know a) the phone is going to work almost everywhere b) that phone looks sweet i know now i need to run to the verizon store and check it out.
  11. Droidz

    Droidz Member
    Thread Starter

    Ahh, okay got you now. I think you're right that it will not be dual mode with both GSM/CDMA. Which is kinda too bad because then it truly could have been an unlocked phone that people could take ANYWHERE and would have made providers complete harder for our business. There's not much of a purpose of calling it unlocked if it only works on one provider huh?
  12. Droidz

    Droidz Member
    Thread Starter

    I agree with your thoughts on this 100%. I also believe that the device will be the incredible.

    What I'm having a hard time believing is that Verizon would push out a device that is almost a mirror image of the N1 (HTC Bravo). Why would they double their efforts to sell a phone that is (from what we know) technically the same? I doubt they'd sell very many unless they were giving them bad boys away.
  13. wonderbread

    wonderbread Android Enthusiast

    As far as I can tell, selling the N1 will take zero effort on VZW part. It sounds like Google is handing all the stock of the phone so VZW doesn't need to place orders or keep inventory. Also, I don't doubt VZW has told Google that it's up to Google to sell and market the phone. So, VZW has pretty much given Google permission to sell a CDMA version on the website but other than that I doubt VZW will be involved. The previous google dev phones were also available despite a same spec'd but different looking device being available in stores.
  14. RichP

    RichP Newbie

    I wish I traveled out of the country more often ;) but the few times that I have gone to Europe it was great to have my Storm working(mostly on GSM 3G and even used Google Maps to get around).

    Hopefully the next Verizon/HTC phone(Incredible/Bravo) will have this...Verizon does need it in their lineup..they already have several WinMo and Blackberry world phones.

  15. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Who is handling support? I think Verizon will still have to provide tech support. Isn't T-Mobile doing this? I mean, you're right about inventory. Google/HTC will also be handling warranties, returns, etc as well. I wonder what this means for insurance. Really, carrying the Nexus One will amount to a training module and income for Big Red so this more of an "on the side" thing. However, unless the Incredible is just that, incredible, and a huge step up from the Nexus One, there will be little demand for a phone that they'll have to inventory and fully support sales logistics...unless it's coming VERY soon and the Nexus One is being held off until the Spring. ;)
  16. hooper2

    hooper2 Newbie

    I just don't see Verizon waiting that long to release an Android phone with similar specs to the Droid but without a hard keyboard. Especially because I don't think it will cannibalize the Droid at all -- there are enough hard-keyboard fans to keep it trucking....


    If come "Spring" there are whispers of a Verizon iPhone, THAT will hurt sales of the Nexus One... Makes no sense to announce the Nexus One is coming to Verizon in 3 months... Unless (like I have said in another thread), it is a dummy "target date" to make sure a flood of Droids bought over the holidays (by people who didn't want a hard keyboard) don't get returned, then a real date will come out late Jan.
  17. cdmta

    cdmta Well-Known Member

    ^Totally agree with THAT guy
  18. champion6

    champion6 Newbie

    What bothers me with the idea that only Google will sell the N1 is pricing. Since Google won't have any competition selling the N1, they can hold it at full price as long as they want.

    I want dealers competing for my business. The Moto Droid is a good example. It launched at $199 w/2yr contract. It was only a matter of days before many online dealers had it at $149. Three weeks after launch, a couple of online dealers had it at $119.

    So, with the N1, time will tell.
  19. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    I don't see Google having the unlocked price. They said during the presser it was unlocked CDMA that was difficult. Hence I would imagine you're looking at a subsidized price. So the real question is how many plan options will we have. Just one like Tmobile? Or can you get it on a 1 year option. I have to imagine they treat is as close to the Droid as possible as the guld between the two wont be that great once Droid gets 2.1.
  20. Droidz

    Droidz Member
    Thread Starter

    I think you might be on to something here.

    Let's just say that Verizon ends up with a similar pricing strategy to what T-mo has. So the only people that are getting the truly discounted price are new customers. Let's just say, like T-mo, current customers with not be able to upgrade and resign for the $179, but are only offered to resign a contract for 2 years and pay something more along the lines of $279 or $379.

    Now as current Verizon customers we all know that after 1 year we have an option to sign a new two year contract and receive the 2yr pricing.

    That would give Verizon an edge in selling the Incredible if it does turn out to be a Bravo like device. I Imagine most of Verizon's current customers would upgrade to that device if they were given more rate plan options and better initial pricing plans for the device. I know that if I were buying a device and I was required to sign a new 2 year contract either way I'm gonna opt for the lower priced device if they are technically the same.

    What do you huys think?
  21. Nigelahmad

    Nigelahmad Well-Known Member

    I can see Verizon getting this phone and advertising it just like they did the Moto Droid. So they will have two BIG phones, but will leans towards the one THEY are selling. This means when you walk into a Verizon store, expect to see a BIG picture of this incredible/bravo. Any pictures of the Nexus One? Probably no.

    It's just like how unlocked phones that work on some networks, are better than the ones offered by the carrier. These phones are not advertised by the carrier. The carrier advertises their lower spec phones, because they make more money from them.

    Thats my theory. lol

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