So long DNA



Started originally with an issue with the phone randomly powering off, got a replacement and then the sim issue started. Then on phone #3 had issues with only getting 1x, and never anything else. They sent me a 4th and the camera didn't work after setting it up. My wife got her DNA the same day as me, and has had no issues with hers at all. I called tech support, and they are sending yet another DNA, but I have decided to move on. I went ahead and used my upgrade, and ordered the S4. At least if I miss the DNA, the wife still has hers for now.


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You must have some kind of curse on you. My girlfriend has the same thing with her Droid Razr Maxx.

First it was the phone running incredibly slow.

Phone #2, the Sim Card "door" kept popping out, which caused her phone to read "No SIM Eror"

Phone #3, the phone lags, the camera keeps working, then not working.

Not due for an upgrade till April, hoping that Verizon will work with us to get her something like the DNA (I love mine) or maybe an SIII


There is always a lemon.... Sucks that the DNA gave you that much trouble...

Sim card issue is a HUGE pain. Thankfully it's been playing nice for a while now


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It has been just over 2 weeks since getting the GS4. A few days ago, my wife started getting the sim error with her DNA as well. We ended up getting her the S4 as well. Overall I am very pleased with it, battery life is so much better and I get LTE everywhere I go. I never got LTE with the DNA. When I called big red about her phone trouble, they said there is still 2 open trouble tickets for my line the first was from almost 3 months ago and the other was from 3 and a half weeks ago.
Dang that sucks.

When I got my DNA I finally was able to get more reliable connection at work which is not always cell signal friendly in all places. Now I almost always get 4G except for a few places.

I'm about to go a year with the DNA and I've dropped it several times and everything and it is still doing great. Hope I don't jinx it now by saying that. LOL!

I usually get the insane bulky rubberized cases too and screen protector but on the DNA all I have had is that hard Verizon case that adds the kickstand.
Sadly the kickstand busted months ago from dropping it and the entire corner of the protective hard plastic busted off. It protected the phone and I keep meaning to replace it.

I do sometimes wish I had a battery that would last all day. But not sure if even a MAXX or a Note2 would last me.

Last month I used 25 Gigs and the month before I used 34 gigs of data.

It does at least usually make it to lunch time where I can charge it for an hour. :p


Loved my DNA, but I got a work phone with AT&T and got the One, after using that phone for a couple weeks im picking one up for my Verizon line. Awesome phone just time to let it go. Sim card errors got real annoying, but I could not go to the S$. Hate Touchwiz so much