So long


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I appreciate all the support around. Bought a Galaxy S4, and moving on. Good luck.


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Good luck to you. I suppose you will need a new alias Mr Funderbolt. My new Motorola Droid Max is in transit from Amazon. Had to get the most battery I can find after all the battery anxiety with the Thunderbolt.


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I got my Motorola Droid Maxx and everything is great so far. I like the response of the touch screen and Ok Google Now is great while driving.
I'm moving on to an ATT HTC One. Yes, another HTC.

While the Tbolt was a problematic phone, a large part of the problem was the initial app load, especially the battery draining Blockbuster app, which always ran. That's Verizon's fault.

The remaining problems were made worse by very slow rollouts of fixes. That's Verizon's fault.

It became a fairly nice phone in 2013... that is, a fairly nice 2011 phone in 2013 when Ice Cream Sandwhich was FINALLY rolled out.

That's Verizon's fault. Any fixes that needed to come from HTC could be prioritized, if only Verizon made them a priority.

So, sticking with HTC. Moving on from Verizon.