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Support So many problems with my Europa 5500, plz help!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Necrobata, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. Necrobata

    Necrobata New Member
    Thread Starter

    Jun 6, 2012
    Well, i got my phone as a gift, it was.. ehh, i think its called "freed" i mean, u can put any chip from any phone company to it, vodafone, verizon whatever. but, im not in USA my phone company its Movilnet, from Venezuela.

    It worked always half way, i mean, it started being kinda slow, lagging a lot by just wander around the options, but thats not the main reason im writing this.

    1) PROBLEM 1: IT DOESNT SEND ANY TEXTS! i mean, i can send the message but it is always in "sending" it never arrives to my ppl. ive called several times to the telephone company, they dont know what to do, i have a friend with the same phone, but bought in here, i took his chip and didnt work either. We compared the settings of our phones, they do not share the same...

    2) cant connect to my wifi! i have my nintendo 3ds, my wii, my laptops, all conected to my router, but my phone wont ever, ever connect, it keeps saying that its looking for ip... in the campus it conects to the librarys wifi but not my home, i need it in my home!! what can i do?

    3)Rooting, my friend has his phone rooted, and he was able to add much more ram to the phone, how can i do this? i have froyo 2.2

    4)Something very weird happens with the installed google browser, even when im connected to a wifi signal, any word i write and search, gives me error, like "ur not connected to the internet".. which i am!! i had to download opera so i can browse around, why the hell that browser doesnt work?

    5) Im currently paying for a 10MB internet plan, we have 2g, my country doesnt have 3g yet, but my phone NEVER, NEVER, EVER connects to the internet im paying for, i went to the options "wireless and networks", then mobile network settings, then data roaming, three options in here:

    1-disable, obviously im not gonna click this.
    2-National roaming only, i guess it should take the national internet, but the phone is from UK so idk if its gonna search for some local (uk) signal or one from my beloved venezuela,
    3-All networks, i have it in this option but... NONE OF THEM WORK.

    Well, before i throw this fella to the trashbin, is there any advice on my case?

    Would it work if i make like a reboot of my phone and install American Software?



  2. On Droid1234

    On Droid1234 Well-Known Member

    Dec 5, 2011
    I don't know about your network problems but I know that you can root your phone using superoneclick or universal androot. I would recommend superoneclick as it is more reliable, however the antivirus software on your pc may see it as a virus as the software uses a virus to access the phone. I'm sure if you ask your friend he will tell you how to increase the ram.

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