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So Moto, why isn't the Admiral getting ICS??? [Comparison]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Pauley, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Pauley

    Pauley Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Honestly there's no excuse for Motorola not to upgrade the Admiral to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sony has ICS running on 2 similar spec phones- Xperia Active and Xperia Tipo. If they can do it, so can Motorola.

    Quick summary of similarities and differences:
    • All have 512MB of RAM
    • All have similar size screen
    • Both Sony's have slower processors
    • Both Sony's have much less internal storage space
    • 1 Sony was introduced before the Admiral, 1 after

    Why should you care?
    Motorola says it wasn't possible so that you could have a good user experience. However, both of the Sony's are slower and have less memory. Try again Motorola. You just want to sell more of the newest phones, and not support those already out. Sprint is advertising this phone a ton lately since it's the only smartphone compatible with their new Direct Connect PTT, you'd think they'd persuade Motorola to not let it die. This is the 4th time Motorola has given up on Sprint (i1, Titanium, XPRT, now the Admiral).

    Here is the breakdown of specs:
    Click to view the full comparison at Phone Arena

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  2. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Android Expert

    Sprint has 4 phones that support SDC but the admiral is the only Android. I wish it would get ICS too. But it is very custom version of android just for SDC. I have many contacts from both Moto and Sprint and it's very simple why moto is not upgrading the admiral. The same reason you will not see another moto phone just for sprint sdc. Google now owns the wireless side moto and google wants to stream line moto wireless and just make high end android phones. Motorola laying off 20% of staff while refocusing efforts | Android Community
    It's sad but true. Oh yes and if you are a big SDC user like my company good news is just around the corner SDC is going to be a APP that will only run on a limited number of Sprint Smart phones and dumb phones Kyocera.
  3. rendang

    rendang Newbie

    For those who missed it, Motorola has announced that they will offer a $100 rebate to any smartphone released in 2011+ which is not provided an upgrade path to Jelly Bean. The Admiral is one of the qualifying phones.

    1) To get the $100 rebate, you have to upgrade to a new Motorola phone :(
    2) You have to trade your old phone in, you cannot keep it :(

    Here's the link: Link to register for information

    That said, I am not certain I want to upgrade to a newer Motorola. They don't seem to be keen on guaranteeing upgrades for their devices, thus rendering them out of date not long after they're released. Their locked bootloaders basically make it near impossible for developers to provide an alternate upgrade path, assuming there's enough interest in the first place. Plus, it would be nice to see a restore file or something show up in the event you want to revert back to stock.

    Maybe the upgrade path may be useful for the few that want to get $100 off a future Motorola?!

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