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So spoiled now by the Evo...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by terekkincaid, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. terekkincaid

    terekkincaid Newbie
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    I used an iPod touch before I got my Evo. I would listen to music on it all day, surf the web during lunch, and watch videos on the bus ride home. In short, that thing was basically an extension of me for two and a half years (I got a first gen one the day it came out - still works great, gotta hand it to Apple for build quality).

    Now that I have my Evo, I use it for all that stuff. Yesterday, I hauled out my iPod to get it ready for eBay and was SHOCKED at how tiny that screen seemed and how low-rez it looked. I used it everyday for all that time, and it seemed like the pinnacle of technology. One month of the Evo makes it seem so pitiful.

    I almost took the Evo back when I first got it because it seemed to big (I tried a Blackberry 9650 for two weeks - yuck). Now I can't imagine using anything smaller :p

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