Root So tough ROM choice ahed help me pick


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I've just been sitting here twiddling my thumbs, patiently waiting for the camera to fully work on the Quattrimus ROM. That's the only thing keeping me from using it full time as I use the camera a lot.


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The ICS ROM is still too big, it needs to be leaned out some. The battery off charge times are worse than going back to a stock ROM. Then there is the camera issue.
Other then that, it's has a faster feel, and I like the user interface.

JerryScripts ROM on the other hand has more options for customizing than any other ROM on the Planet. It's better than any other ROM on the planet for so many reasons. He is constantly adding more goodies and making it faster and better
It's pretty much a no brainer isn't it cammy?


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i allways have my charger on me one way r another so battery is no issue for me
i hear with replacing a few files with files from tthe Os signal will lock on and not drop