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So what about this phone?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by zeth006, Dec 23, 2013.

  1. zeth006

    zeth006 Member
    Thread Starter

    Any owners want to chime in and offer their $0.02 of this phone? Factors such as:

    - Battery life
    - LTE and HSPA+ 42mbps connectivity
    - Screen

  2. Toddb88

    Toddb88 Lurker

    Just got this phone and so far I am pleasantly surprised. T-Mobile doesn't have great coverage in my area but I've pulled 16mbs on 4g. Wifi is great. Screen is clear and bright . Battery life is acceptable so far.

    Downsides, only 8gb device storage. Some bloatware I could do without (although, so much less than Verizon phones). My biggest problem is that it is slick as a bar of soap.

    Hope this helps. Would love some tips and feedback on this phone myself.
  3. RGustafson85

    RGustafson85 Lurker

    I got the Light in November '13 and I'm still figuring out things about it.... The reason I got this device was because I have a Samsung Note Tab and I didn't see a need to get another "tab like" cell.. So I "went down" to the light. Although, initially, I was under the impression I was sort of downgrading.. After using the device for a few months and becoming more familiar with it.. I sure am happy with my decision. I can say that I more than likely would be satisfied with this phone even if I didn't have a tablet!
    As stated above...One of the main drawbacks for me is the bloatware..and as stated above also.. Yes, much less than Verizon....I came over to T-Mobile after 15 years at the V.. And I couldn't be happier!!
    I got a few productivity apps (Clean Master, DU battery & speed booster) and I often use the T-Mobile "device health" app combined with the productivity apps and I greatly increase my battery life and RAM....I went ahead and rooted and finally flashed a few ROM's and got my phone all set up perfectly...at the present time my battery lasts somewhere around 50-60 hrs with moderate use. I have to say that I am glad I finally rooted because I don't "worry" so much about my battery life, memory life, and usage ability as much as I did pre-root.
    Also I also am always looking for any tips you all can give me to make it an even better experience for me!!
  4. zeth006

    zeth006 Member
    Thread Starter

    Wait. How did you root/flash this phone? People on XDA are still trying to figure that part out!
  5. RGustafson85

    RGustafson85 Lurker

    I saw that on XDA.. It Actually took me 3 attempts with 2 recoveries as this was my first time "rooting" a device.. For some reason I was stuck on treating the Light like the S4..then after a few weeks of research I came across this... Followed it to "the T" and have had no problems since.. In fact this is my main site I pay attention too as far as info. It hasn't guided me wrong yet and when it comes to electronic things.. I am stupid... LoL Anyway here is the link:


    In fact I keep changing things up on my phone.. As I have found that messing around and putting different ROM'S on it is rather fun. But I do know this... I never knew what "rooting" really meant until I did this.. And the things that I can do is never ending... I mean setting the CPU speed.. Temp, etc. just to name a few.. Wow.. Crazy stuff.. Enjoy.. Sorry it took me so long to reply.. I was flying all day.. :)
  6. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Extreme Android User

    every exploit in superoneclick is old and outdated and hasnt worked since 2.3
  7. dragon2knight

    dragon2knight Android Enthusiast

    I've owned this phone since it's release and can add that it's a great phone, with good power and really nice specs across the board. Even the standard resolution screen is above average. I love the full feature set including LTE, NFC, bluetooth, replaceable battery, memory expansion...the list is amazing for the price paid. I will post a video review I did of it in another post(to keep thing on this thread neater).

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