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So What Are Your Views?

Discussion in 'Politics and Current Affairs' started by TheBeardedMann, May 23, 2010.

  1. TheBeardedMann

    TheBeardedMann Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Take note that these are just quick summaries about hot topics. Of course they could go very in depth into the answers, people write thesis papers about this stuff.

    Abortion: Wrong. Morning after pill is ok, as it doesn't abort. But as soon as the egg and sperm meet, to me that is a child.

    Death Penalty: Wrong. Shouldn't take a person's life if you aren't defending yours or someone else's life.

    Gun Control: Guns are fine. It's the people that use them. There should be very severe penalties for illegally selling guns.

    Immigration: Come here legally. The government should do a better job of getting people here legally and it should do a better job of background checking those people too. If you do come here, it will be to better your life on you own, not on the back of the taxpayers.

    Borders: Get a fence up between us and Mexico. There is a problem down there and it needs to be addressed.

    Illegal Immigrants: Now that a fence is up, now we can take care of illegal immigrants. Learn English and assimilate to our culture. Get legal or go back to your country. America is now your home country. Just as adopted parents aren't technically the real parents, they are the mother and father of that child. America is now your Mother. Respect Her.

    Taxes: Flat tax. Yup. Government should only work with what the people produce. It is also equal to everyone and everyone should pay taxes, even if you only made $10,000 in a year, you should still pay taxes, it's part of being an American. No tax-exempt businesses, yes that includes churches.

    Politicians: All elected or appointed by an elected official positions need a term limit. Politicians are supposed to be real people going to DC, not "Born into politics" or a "Lifetime Politician." Their pay should be a direct correlation between the average American's salary as well. They should not be able to invest into any company during their time served. Only US or State bonds.

    There are other topics and I'll edit my post as other topics come up. I also think a law protecting you against yourself, for the most part is stupid. Like seat belt laws. For your passengers, yes, you are taking their life into your hands. You alone in your car and you aren't smart enough to put on that seat belt, that's your fault. Same thing with helmet laws. You should be smart enough without government telling your to wear a seat belt or a helmet.

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  2. hakr100

    hakr100 Android Expert

    I'll bite..since no one else has...

    Abortion: Should be left entirely up to a woman and her doctor.

    Death Penalty: I agree entirely with your position.

    Gun Control: I own and use firearms. I think one should have to take a mandatory and serious firearms safety course before being allowed to buy a gun, that all gun sales and transfers should be accompanied by simple and quick governmental paperwork, and I'm leaning towards a requirement that gun owners be licensed.

    Immigration: We should severely limit all immigration.

    Borders: Still waiting to read about methods to protect all our borders that will actually work.

    Illegal Immigrants: First, criminalize the actions of employers who hire them, with real prison time, and go way up the executive ladder in doing so.

    Taxes: Keep middle and lower income tax rates where they are, raise taxes substantially on the rich, and above certain levels, raise tax rates on the transactions of the wealthy.

    Politicians: I don't favor term limits.
  3. baberz

    baberz Well-Known Member

    Marry me?!
  4. hakr100

    hakr100 Android Expert

    Gee, I dunno...are you a really hot babe? :D
  5. baberz

    baberz Well-Known Member

    bahahhaah! yep!

    I like your views! ;)
  6. hakr100

    hakr100 Android Expert

    What's important is whether we would like viewing you. :rolleyes:
  7. 3devious

    3devious Android Expert

    Wow. You really are a guy aren't you? lol

    Abortion: It should be a private matter between the parents of the possible child. I dislike it, but as it is not my family, it is also none of my business.

    Death Penalty: I feel that if you have killed people or are deemed a direct threat to public safety (you've shown a history of violence that suggests it is likely that you will kill someone,) your life is forfeit.

    Gun Control: I do not own or use firearms, but I feel that people should be legally allowed to do so. I advocate firearms training and responisble gun ownership classes. I support oversight of gun sales and gun permits as well as rules that decide who is fit for gun ownership. I am in no hurry to arm ex-convicts or mental patients.

    Immigration: I feel that our process for granting citizenship needs to be reformed so that it is more equitable for everyone who applies. The limitations I would place on immigration would be that I don't want some other country's retired or active criminals, but if someone wants to live here and participate in our society, I am all for it. If someone just wants to move here under false pretenses and actually seeks to undermine the things that we have going, that person should be sent back to their country and possibly be treated as an enemy combatant.

    Borders: I think that we need to improve our methods for dealing with illegal immigrants and treat any other negative element that crosses into our territory as an act of aggression and let our military deal with it.

    Illegal Immigrants: Severly punish companies and individuals that hire them. Make it easier for immigrant workers to be sponsored with work visas, but deport illegal immigrants that do not comply. I would also support demanding reparations from their original country but I know that will never happen.

    Taxes: I support a flat tax for everyone as well as a national sales tax + taxes on transactions for businesses even churches and charities. Rich people do not always spend more, they try to hide money in their companies. If you make a lot of money, that is fine. If you never buy another thing or service, you'll still be taxed at the same rate as your gardener, but where you should contribute to the state would be when you start taking up more of its resources like flying around on your private jet and the like.

    Politicians: I think statesmen should go into office with a stated goal and work to achieve that goal in a few terms. Once that politician has accomplished the objective or failed at it after a few terms, he or she should move on. I am not averse to that politician holding a different office. Some people may want to devote their life to public service, but there had better be some service. I am sick of congressmen flying their whole family around the world in military aircraft for a ridiculous amount of money and then turn around and want to cut spending for other things. It also doesn't help that the same member of congress has more money than god but can't be arsed to spend any of it when they can just make us foot the bill.
  8. Zenze

    Zenze Well-Known Member

    Abortion: I'm mostly fine with current law.

    Death Penalty: Mixed views, however I lean towards the view that nobody has the right to take another persons life except in defense (war excluded for obvious reasons)

    Gun Control: I own and use guns, however I feel they are too easy to get. I feel there needs to be a more thorough background check and some sort of waiting period.

    Immigration: Should be limited.

    Borders: Protected. We should know who or how many people are coming into the country.

    Illegal Immigrants: Make it illegal to hire them, enforce this. Should come to the country legally. As regards to the new Arizona law I feel that it is unconstitutional to search anybody at will or because you feel like it, you can't claim to know that someone is a citizen or not beforehand.

    Taxes: I think higher incomes should be taxed more than lower. I don't agree with the bracket system though, should be scaled continuously instead of in sections.

    Politicians: Need drastic campaign finance reform. I don't like the fact that how much money you raise/spend has such a big impact on elections. This just lends itself to pandering to cooperations for donations, and it doesn't stop once in office either. I think this prevents people from doing the job they were elected to do as they now owe people favors and are constantly worrying about how to raise more money. This is one of the most important issues out there, its preventing the operation of a real democracy.
  9. PaulMcCartney

    PaulMcCartney Android Expert

    I agree with this guy.
  10. Crude

    Crude Android Expert

    Abortion: It's murder. There's a lot more depth to this question but in the end some one's life is being cut short.

    Death Penalty: If the crime is severe enough...I don't see how some ones poor choices should become the taxpayers burden.

    Gun control: "the right to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed" infringed - definition of infringed by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.

    Immigration: Legally. The interpretation of "legal immigration" was left to us to decide by our founding fathers. So I'll go with what ever the current administration considers legal.

    Borders: sentry guns

    Illegal immigrants: Export. If countries fail to stop their people from illegally imigrating we should place sanctions against them.

    Taxes: Flat tax would be nice. No taxes should be used for social programs....let them freaking die and let people become responsible for their own decisions.

    Politicians: Term limits for sure. They should not control their own benefits, wages and should not be able to accept gifts of any kind.
  11. TheBeardedMann

    TheBeardedMann Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    That's hilarious!
    I am gonna start calling my Sentry Gun Care Packages in COD 'Border Control'!
  12. foreWard

    foreWard Well-Known Member

    Abortion: only for medical reasons decided by patient and doctor

    Death Penalty: for murder, treason, severe crimes against children

    Gun Control: I dont own any guns, but not against them. There would be less breakins if there was the potential of being shot while trying to nab someone's flat screen. Strict penalties for unregisterd guns though.

    Immigration: If you live here, you are going to pay taxes, if you become a citizen, you can reap the benefits of the taxes, if not, then youre still going to pay taxes.

    Borders: lock them down, you must enter though official entrances, no more of this sneaking through the side door

    Illegal Immigrants: Criminalize the hiring of them, all the way up the corporate ladder. If you are here working, make it easier to get a visa, but you will pay taxes/SSI/etc. on any wages made in the U.S.

    Taxes: everyone pays flat income tax. increase sales tax to make up difference, so you are taxed more if you spend more. do away with inheritance/estate taxes, if you save enough to leave it to your kids, they should get it, they will pay taxes on it as they spend it. Increase import tax to encourage companies to return to maufacturing in the US. No more advantages to sending jobs overseas.

    Politicians: TERM LIMITS!!! Lifelong politicians are theroot of all this evil. Elect people who are in touch with their constituents, no more of this 35 years in office crap. Campaign funding should be regulated and limited, you should not be able to win becasue you ran 3 more commercials a day that the other guy. And no more mudslinging tv commercials, report what you want to do/change and how your going to do it, not how mean/corrupt the other guy is.
  13. Zenze

    Zenze Well-Known Member

    I couldn't agree more.

    I am also not against the idea of no income tax and using a sales tax.
  14. Slug

    Slug Check six!
    VIP Member

    Abortion: Yup. Current law is stringent enough.

    Death Penalty: Nope.

    Gun Control: Yup. Works just fine, thanks.

    Immigration (legal): Yup.

    Immigration (illegal): Nope. The clue's in the title... no means to support yourself? Bye-bye.... Exceptions for proven asylum seekers only.

    Borders: We're an island - let's be realistic! :)

    Taxes: You should pay what you can afford.

    Politicians: A necessary evil. We elect them to represent us, so we should be able to sack 'em if they don't do the job we asked them to. No waiting until the next election.... instant dismissal for poor performance.
  15. MrDangerous

    MrDangerous Android Enthusiast

    My views are similar to Wardroid:

    Abortion: Ok for rape, incest, or for a medical reason that endangers the life of the mother. For other reasons no. Abortion isn't a condom. I'm ok with the morning after pill as it does nothing more than what the body could do naturally. It doesn't cause the cell to die, it just tells the body to make the uteran wall too slick for the egg to stick.

    Death Penalty: If you murder or rape children and you've pretty much shown that you're a human piece of garbage in addition to what you did and the evidence is pretty much irrefutable, I don't have a problem with the Death Penalty.

    Gun Control: I'm all for allowing law abiding citizens to own a gun. If a person has a history of violent crime then I'm all for now allowing them to own a gun.

    Immigration: Illegal immigration from our bordering countries is wrong and hurts people who come here legally. A large percentage of legal immigrants from Asia and Europe are college educated. Illegal immigration punishes law abiding immigrants who are not only here because they like the opportunities the US can provide for them, but actually want to have a positive role in our society. I think in any country, you should be required to learn the de facto language of that nation. I think we should do something about anchor babies too.

    Borders: I would support a fence and/or increased law enforcement at the borders.

    Illegal Immigrants: Round them up and send them home or prosecute them. Whatever applies to the situation. If they committed a crime in addition to just being here illegal, they should be punished like a citizen would and then send them home. If they know they have nothing to worry about other than being sent home, they have nothing to lose by coming back illegally.

    Taxes: I support everyone paying taxes and I think a flat tax is a pretty good idea. I don't think people should be increasingly taxed as they make more money because that hurts people. I would also support separate voluntary taxes. If anyone feels they should be allowed to pay more in taxes voluntarily I would support allowing them to do so.

    Politicians: I think 2 to 3 terms should be enough.
  16. Rota

    Rota Android Enthusiast

    Abortion: I have no issue with it. This should be up to whoever is having the procedure done.

    Death Penalty: All for it, but it needs to be carried out quick, as in a hanging outside the courthouse.

    Gun Control: I own many and plan to own many more. I like Arizona's extremely lax gun laws.

    Immigration: If you do it legally I have all the respect in the world for you.

    Borders: Landmines, freshwater sharks in the Rio Grande, and sentry guns as said above.

    Illegal Immigrants: Round em up and send them home. Penalize businesses who hire them to the absolute fullest extent of the law. I don't give two shits about sob stories. I don't think that anchor babies should get American citizenship.

    Taxes: Flat tax. Yup. Government should only work with what the people produce. It is also equal to everyone and everyone should pay taxes, even if you only made $10,000 in a year, you should still pay taxes, it's part of being an American. No tax-exempt businesses, yes that includes churches. (I fully agree with this approach.)

    Politicians: Term limits to limit corruption.
  17. hood420

    hood420 Android Enthusiast

    Abortion: It's certainly non of the Government's business.

    Death Penalty: I'm against it largely due to the possibility of executing innocent people.

    Gun Control: I don't like any gun laws. If someone is too dangerous to own guns, their too dangerous to be a part of society.

    Immigration: I fully support legal immigration.

    Borders: A fence sounds good in theory but I don't see it as being very practical. I don't think there is a truly good method of securing our borders besides surveillance.

    Illegal Immigrants: Deport them. Let them immigrate if they want to do so legally.

    Taxes: I don't like our current tax system, but I also don't like many government programs. Taxes are a tough and extremely complex issue that can't really be debated without talking about every aspect of government.

    Politicians: I don't like politicians, but I also don't like term limits. If people love someone so much they should be able to keep voting them in, no matter their position.
  18. Filipino.Cowboy

    Filipino.Cowboy Android Enthusiast

    I pretty much completely agree with everything Crude and Wardroid said.

    Abortion: Morally wrong. Enough with the moral relativism stuff. It's murder. There can be a case if there are serious medical complications.

    Guns: It's our right. Every law abiding citizens right. While I think there should be documentation, I worry though about a large list of gun owners. If there was ever some sort of revolution (don't say it can't happen, because it can) those would be some of the first people targeted.

    Immigration: Come here legally. If you are illegal, get out. I don't want to tax the illegals. Just get them out. Tighten up immigration as well. If you won't be a productive member of our society, then come back later. This is how it was way back when, and how it should still be now. Yes, home of the free, land of the brave. Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses. However, how long would this still be a great country if we were letting bums and criminals in?

    Borders: Hehehehehe....SENTRY GUNS.

    Illegals: Get. Out.

    Politicians: Term limits. Maybe not on local, but possibly state and federal. Someone earlier stated that if people loved someone so much, they should be able to keep voting for them. Sure, however sadly, most people are not informed voters. They vote for whoever seems cool, is *pop*ular, or has charisma. Ask many people why they voted for someone and their particular views and they wouldn't be able to tell you. While this doesn't mean they shouldn't be aloud to vote over and over again, it would help against corruption.

    However, as far as taxes goes, I believe either a flat tax, or consumption tax should be in place. What is all of this tax the rich stuff about? Oh. They have more money. They don't need all of that money, right? Come on, they worked hard for that money. Just because they are the CEO of a huge corporation doesn't mean they don't work hard, or didn't to get there. Could they do the work of a common factory worker? Yes, probably. Could a common factory worker do their job? Most likely not. Maybe it was their parent's money and they inherited it. It's still their money. NO ONE has the right to limit how much someone should make, or penalize them for it. Tax people on what they spend. This would be fair to the poor, as the rich would spend more.

    Government Programs: Cut them. The government is here to protect us and provide infrastructure. I know there are a lot of people making fun of the whole "socialism" thing. Saying they drove on a socialist road to take their kids to the socialist school and passed by a socialist police officer. That is was the government is here for. We don't need to be providing cell phones and internet to people who can't afford it, etc. We DON'T need a government run health insurance provider (Medicare). Yes, there needed to be some reform, but the government providing it isn't the answer.

    I'm sure you can extrapolate the rest of my views from there? :)
    Plus, I like how everyone is being civil about this.
  19. mpw

    mpw Android Expert

    A choice of the parent up to around the 20week point, in consultation with a medical professional, and later if for valid medical reasons.

    Death Penalty:
    No moral objection, but the circumstances of the conviction would have to be unquestionable.

    Gun Control:(from the POV of somebody in the UK)
    Don't see a good argument for private gun ownership outside sport. Would have very strict controls over the types of weapons available, and the control of who owns them, and how they're stored/used.

    Immigration & Borders:
    Same for pretty much any country, you should only allow those people in who benefit the community in some way. That could be through skills (teachers/doctors), wealth creation (businessmen likely to create employment and or pay taxes), or socially (partners of citizens looking to make a life within your country and it's culture)

    Asylum; should be allowed where there is the high likelihood that the person's life would be endangered in their country of origin due to human rights failings of their home country, but each case should be subject to judgement, and the international community should work in a coordinated way to cease the need for asylum from a country, and to share the burden. Just because you deserve asylum outside your home country doesn't mean you get to choose where you move: you may seek asylum from Iran in the UK/US, but you may be granted asylum by the international community in France.

    Illegal Immigrants:
    Returned to their country of origin, or the country from which they entered. Where possible at no cost to the tax-payer.

    Should be fair, and paid to fund essential services only.

    Income tax is the simplest tax in most cases, I agree that the first
  20. Abortion: It is wrong. Women and men need to take responsibility for their action. You made a choice to have sex, you need to deal with the consequences. Do not end a life just because you screwed up. I do believe that people who are raped, incest or women who might die due to labor can have an abortion, but the last issue is very very very very rare!
    Death Penalty: Bullets are cheaper than a lifetime sentence of leeching off of the taxpayers!
    Gun Control: Due not criminalize those who follow the law. Granted rocket launchers should not be allowed as a weapon but as adults, we should be responsible for things. If you drink alcohol and abuse it and kill someone, you go to jail. Same thing for guns. You do not restrict drinking (except age obviously) but give people consequences.
    Immigration: Immigration is good. Illegal aliens are bad. We want the best and brightest! not the common workers. We have enough of those.
    Borders: Love them! Put up an electric fence on both sides our country and put turrets!
    Illegal Aliens: They're illegal so they shouldn't be here
    Taxes: Taxes should be equal. If I am rich... tax me 10% if you are poor... you get taxed 10%. If I make 1 billion dollars... the government takes 100 million. If you are poor and make 10k the government takes 1k! that is fair.
    Politicians: politicians are a waste of time. They all get stuck in their political careers and forget their main purpose... to serve the people! There are some good ones out there, on both sides of the isle, but there are far to few and the rest feed off of the lobbiest! Let us take back our country!

    background: Just so you know where I am coming from, I am a "Legal immigrant" from the pacific islands... I am in my early 30's and I am a conservative. I think giving background to our opinions would be good because it gives other people an idea of the vast kinds of opinions that are out there! great topic!
  21. ballisticn8

    ballisticn8 Android Expert

    Abortion: I think that for certain situations (rape, incest, etc) abortion should be legal but only up to a certain point in development. As far as it not being the governments concern I disagree, why should one person be prosecuted if they cause an injury to a pregnant mother that causes her to lose her child and the woman aborting her fetus be treated differently?

    Guns: I like them, I own them, some for hunting, some not. :D

    Immigration: Over a million immigrants received citizenship or legal residency last year, if its done the legal way I dint have a problem with it at all.

    Illegals: They are criminals, federal criminals (hopefully state criminals here in AZ soon ;) ) and have knowingly violated federal laws of our country and should be treated as such.

    Borders: I saw someone mention sentry guns, not a bad idea, that and UAV's ;)

    Politicians: Term limits are not a bad thing at all, on top of term limits I would like to see them subjected to the same laws they pass (IE Medicare, Obamacare, Social Security, etc).
  22. LiamSHepard

    LiamSHepard Member

    Abortion: See death penalty.

    Death Penalty: Should only be used in cases where the person is a menace. i.e. murder, rape, things involving children.

    Gun Control: Spend more money on task forces that stop illegal use.

    Immigration: Give green cards and review the recipients habits while living here. If they can contribute they can stay.
    (Or we can exchange send our free loaders to their country and they can stay here.)~sarcasm but it would be nice.

    Borders: A fence that cannot afford to be staffed or maintained is useless.

    Illegal Immigrants: Make the Mexicans here citizens. They already live, work and go to school here. They just need to pay taxes like everyone else.

    Taxes: Flat "Sales" Tax. This tax would apply to everything except food you buy in a supermarket. Yes the tax includes gum and candy.

    Politicians: Income limits. They should not get more money per year than what their actual salaries are supposed to be.
  23. Abortion: Legalize it, but under supervision. The whore can't be running in everytime she gets knocked up. There should be penalties for multiple offenses as well, taxing the stupid and apathetic.

    Non married couples, decision should be made as a couple. The woman isn't the only important thing in the process, I don't care if she's the one popping it out. If the man has to support the child financially, he should get a say. If man wants the child, woman doesn't, abort it. Woman wants the child, man doesn't, man is free to walk.

    Death Penalty: Wrong. The qualifications for life in prison should be reevaluated to be more severe than what they are now, and the person is kept behind bars for life. Killing them doesn't solve anything. This isn't Auschwitz.

    Gun Control: Guns are fine, people need to be more educated, especially those that are pro-gun, on how to use a gun and when.

    Immigration: My parents and I are immigrants, although from different countries. My sis is a born-citizen. Being seen by people of other countries, especially poor countries, as Eden, we should allow them. Without typing an essay on it, I think we should open the gates a bit more and allow them to become legal. If people fear for their jobs, they work harder, companies adapt financially and I think it's survival of the fittest, economically.

    Borders: What do other countries have? Like in Europe, how do they keep the Germans out of Italy, France, Poland. Cuz you see in WW2, with Poland, Germany just....

    The rest I don't care about. Politics is doing just fine without me.
  24. Abortion: Wrong and should only be done in special circumstances.

    Death Penalty: Unfortunately some people just cannot be rehabilitated and should be delivered the strongest of punishments. It also discourages crime.

    Gun Control: Guns are good when used for self defense and sport. Precautions should be made to make sure this happens.

    Immigration: Do the effort to become an American citizen.

    Borders: Bigger border. That'd help.

    Illegal Immigrants: I live in the San Joaquin valley. I've seen the lazy, gangbanger types and I've seen the honest, hardworking types. The former greatly outweighs the latter.

    Taxes: Flat tax. No question. Everyone should contribute.

    Politicians: Shorter term limits for Congress.
  25. Tangent

    Tangent Android Enthusiast

    Abortion: Up to a woman and her doctor. I don't believe an egg+ sperm = life any more than I consider my finger to be a life form of its own

    Death Penalty: I support it, but not as it is now. Limit it to the no-question of guilt cases, and don't wait 20+ years to carry the sentence out.

    Gun Control: Require potential gun owners to take weapons safety classes and be licensed. Violations such as convicted felons or unlicensed people possessing a gun = automatic stiff penalties. Same goes for any incident resulting in negligent handling of a weapon. If your 5-year-old kid accidentally shoots a neighbor because you thought keeping your loaded Glock under your socks in a drawer was safe enough, you get charged with murder.

    Immigration: Open to anyone not a convicted criminal that goes through the legal process. Must prove ability to support themselves or be supported by friends/family to remain in the country. Must have several years of keeping nose clean / being productive member of society to qualify for citizenship.

    Borders: Keep them secure. Anyone not willing to go through the legal system is to be considered a direct threat to the country.

    Illegal Immigrants: Remove from country when discovered. Penalties for companies knowingly hiring them will be severe. System to easily confirm legality freely available to all companies and private citizens looking to hire somebody.

    Taxes: Simplify! Possibly flat tax or other alternative, but in any case there's no reason our tax code should require a master's degree and years of dedication to decipher, and it should not be so huge that no human could ever know it all.

    Politicians: Term limits and especially pay limits. Far too many of the people supposedly representing us have been living outside of life as the average person knows it that they can't possibly know what's in our best interests anymore. Accepting gifts and direct contributions should be a criminal offense with mandatory loss of position and jail time.

    Umm, you might want to edit that...

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