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So what does this mean for Verizon customers?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by joecreed28, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. joecreed28

    joecreed28 Member
    Thread Starter

    Sorry guys, have been reading all this news and stuff regarding the Google phone and T-Mobile and everything, but what does this mean for us Verizon customers? Is this the phone we thought to be the Bravo/Passion? So we are not getting a new HTC Android device anytime soon?

    Just wondering because I have been holding out on the Droid/Eris after stumbling across this site and reading about the Bravo/Passion, so I don't know what to do now. One year contract with a Droid or Eris? Wait and see if we do get something in January? Wait til April maybe? What do you guys think?

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  2. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Really, this tells us nothing of Verizon availability either way, but only gives us some good insight into the look and features of the upcoming HTC Passion. Nothing to do but hunker down and wait out rumors or announcement. <sigh> Hate the waiting game.
  3. clb

    clb Well-Known Member

    Remember back when it was said that Blackberry Curve 2 or the HTC Passion would be released by Black friday on Verizon, which ever was ready first. Obviously the HTC was not ready, and we heard about it getting pushed back. So is the Nexus one actually the HTC Passion and Verizon is not getting it (as of now), or is the HTC Passion a completely different phone that Verizon will be getting in January? What do you all think? I'm awfully confused by all of this, I just need a great new phone.
  4. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    Well there are three codenames in play. Passion, Passion and Dragon. If the Nexus is the Passion that still leaves PassionC and Dragon. It wouldnt be the first time Verizon got a HTC phone with a different codename then others (Desire instead of Hero). So Dragon and PassionC are still in play.
    People keep thinking it matters what Google does, it doesn't. It matters what HTC does. Unless Google somehow subsidizes the Nexus its going to be very expensive, if its a consumer device at all (as far as I know anyone can buy either ADP from Google).
  5. Jeep297

    Jeep297 Newbie

    I just bought the Eris a month ago on a 1 year contract. It only cost $60 more, and I have until Jan 13th to return it due to the holiday return policy. That way if the Passion comes out in January I can still get it. If not, I have an awesome phone that's eligible for upgrade in September since 1 year contracts are up for renewal in 10 months.
  6. Looks like us Verizon customers are screwed. I guess Ill be keeping my Eris after all.
  7. kennyidaho

    kennyidaho Android Enthusiast

    ugh serioulsy you must be new to the whole cell phone game. GSM first then CDMA. Verizon is not the center of the universe.
  8. MisterMcGoo

    MisterMcGoo Well-Known Member

    What great insight. I was curious how much more a 1 year contract would be with the Eris. I would definitely pay $60 more to avoid 1 year of a contract. I think that's the way I'm going to go. I hate my Q and the Eris seems pretty decent -- good enough to hold me over for a year and get away from Motorola/WinMO and wait for a snapdragon phone.
  9. Stone

    Stone Well-Known Member

    I think VZW will get a version of the phone eventually. Hopefully, they will want to differentiate themselves from the GSM carriers and go all out. I'm still expecting something nice to drop in January since our VZW corporate account rep keeps saying something game changing is in the pipeline. Since the Eris is 3"2 screen and the Droid is 3"7, I am hoping VZW goes for the 4"3. My fingers are crossed........
  10. kyler13

    kyler13 Android Expert

    Sounds like the same line we've heard with the google phone in the past months. Makes me think Verizon is part of this whole deal, just getting it a few weeks behind T-Mobile. All this news and speculation is making me a bit bipolar. I'm loving the phone, the look, the whole package, but if it's not Verizon available, I'm out and I'll be totally upset. Not playing Russian roulette with another carrier, especially T-Mobile whom not only have I heard bad things about in my area, but a co-worker's phone does not work at all in our building. HSPA+ is worthless with ZERO bars.
  11. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Android Expert

    I've heard the same thing. I'm a country music artist here in Nashville, TN and I have friends at Verizon here locally who always tell me what they know. Now...I know everyone always says that retail store customer reps don't know anything, but the ones I know are as up on technology as I am and they have all told me that they are getting one more Android device. The last friend I talked to said that his HTC rep has his lips zipped and won't tell him ANYTHING. Not that he doesn't know anything, but he knows something but won't say a peep.

    So, I'm with you. I believe that Verizon is getting something very nice and very soon and they have it so under wraps because they want to liquidate as much Droid and Eris stock as they can until they get this new device.

    Now...what this new device is...well...we really have no real hard evidence. Kinda like we didn't have any really hard evidence about the Motorola Droid except for like a week before it hit stores. So...I'm thinking in the next few weeks we're going to be getting some leaks perhaps as Verizon Customer support gets their hands on a device to start training on it possibly. I'm thinking this is going to play out a lot like the Motorola Droid played out. However, this new device should be something very special, but that's just a hunch.

    I might add: We really have nothing to lose by being hopeful and optimistic. Right? Maybe a tad of disappointment, but that's really it. I can hold out another month. No problem.
  12. bsutton1

    bsutton1 Android Enthusiast

    ^ I hope you're right NashDroid. It's so hard for me to keeping waiting.
  13. Re4son

    Re4son Member

    i thought it was public knowledge that Verizon was getting one more android phone? i swear i remember reading that Google and Verizon had a 3 phone agreement. of course Verizon is getting another phone, that doesn't mean its this phone or anything better. remember that Eris came after the droid and the droid takes the Eris out. you guys might go something really good, or really bad. i cant find proof but for some reason i remember reading that the Motorola motus might be Verizons last android phone. (well not LAST phone but for the agreement they had)
  14. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Android Expert

    I hear ya brother! You don't really think Verizon is going to be outdone by little ol' T-Mobile, do you? Come on now... Have some faith. I think we all know better than that. T-Mobile NEEDS all of this free press and hype to even make any cash on this thing, Verizon uses other strategies to make money and they're positioned well enough that they can strategically take their time and plan their release. They know they need to get rid of as many Droids and Eris' as they can before they release this new phone. Verizon has partnered with Google, as of like a month ago. The rumor is that Verizon turned down Google on this newest Nexus One phone, but that may not be true or may not be EXACTLY what happened. Verizon may have opted for something else or may have been given the better deal here. Google is merely using T-Mobile to push their device, and they know that T-Mobile would be insane to turn them down, because they're probably desperate. Verizon is FAR from desperate. So...they opted for the better deal. What's the better deal? haha Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough.

    I DO know one thing for certain: With all of this news about T-Mobile getting this phone, I have seen a lot of posts in these forums and comments on Engadget and Boygeniusreport articles that say something to the effect of "well...looks like Verizon definitely isn't getting this phone now. Now I just have to decide between the Droid or the Eris." What's THAT tell you? That tells you that this whole big mess has caused a lot of people to lose hope and a lot of Verizon hopefuls are settling for the Droid or Eris now. And guess what? That's helping Verizon liquidate even more stock, and if they release this phone at the end of January, all of these people who lost hope and caved and got the Droid or Eris, will be past their 30 day return period and they'll be stuck.

    The good news: Guys like us who waited and were patient and didn't fall for the tricks will be rewarded with a great phone.

    Am I a conspiracy theorist? Yep. haha Is it fun? Yep. Maybe I'm just making something simple into something very interesting, but I'll take interesting over something simple and cut-and-dry any day! Plus, I love a good mystery. Trying to figure it out and solve it is the fun part. Why else are all of us signed up with this forum? So we can take part in the fun of trying to solve this stuff.
  15. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Android Expert

    Also...at the end of the day, if some sweet game-changing phone doesn't come to Verizon in January or even after January, can't we STILL walk into a Verizon store and pick up a Droid or Eris? Of course we can. So, being patient and waiting and being perfectly sure of what may or may not be coming in the near future isn't a bad thing, it's a good trait and it's being a conscious and responsible consumer. That's my opinion anyways. We wouldn't all be waiting and not getting a Droid or an Eris if the rumor had always been that this "Passion" phone would be coming out NEXT December or January, would we? No. However, the fact that the rumors are saying THIS December or January, well...what's a month? Right? Wait and see, and if nothing drops, go pick up a Droid or Eris. No hard done and that way you don't have any big regrets. Simple as that.
  16. Nashdroid

    Nashdroid Android Expert

    Yeah, you may be right. This next phone that is supposed to come out around Christmas may very well be this crappy Motorola phone that looks like a Sidekick. That may be the last phone of the three phone agreement for 2009, but starting January we're in 2010. Could be a whole different game plan starting January. I don't know. I'm just being hopeful. You may very well be right though. This last phone for a while could be this little Motorola phone, and I believe it just recently passed through the FCC as of like a couple days ago, if my memory serves me correctly.

    Regardless, I'm waiting till the end of January, at least, to see what kind of news we have by then. I'm in no rush. I got a new battery for my LG Dare a couple months ago and it's still working fine for me. I'm ready for a new phone, but not in such a hurry that I'm going to jump on something and be tied to it for two years until I'm sure it's EXACTLY what I want. I think that's pretty much the mindset of most of the forum members here.
  17. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    You're thinking about the motorola Titanium (aka Zepplin) which passed the FCC with the EVDO.
    But its kinda obvious the HTC Bravo is not coming over here as the Nexus. HTC wont be the main seller of the Nexus. Yet the US equivalent is supposed to be out in January. Thats more likely where you'll see a new Verizon phone.
  18. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert

    The only good news for Verizon customers I've seen today is in an Android & Me report that states from a tipster "GSM at first, CDMA version will follow."

    This is only a hearsay from a tipster, but Verizon better hope Google makes an announcement before the supposed January 5th release date of the GSM version of the Nexus One.
  19. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert

    That's for new customers. If you are an existing customer it's only $30 more for a one year contract. Same for the Moto Droid, I just checked.
  20. bsutton1

    bsutton1 Android Enthusiast

    If you had a secret product that you wanted to unleash in January that would blow people's minds, what day would you do it on? New Years Day.
    What are most americans going to be doing on New Year's Day? They will be watching parades and football at home. If I were Verizon, I would start advertising my new product then.
  21. joecreed28

    joecreed28 Member
    Thread Starter

    Mine says that it is $70 more. I have a family plan and I'd be upgrading a line that isn't the primary line, so I dunno if that has anything to do with it.
  22. shawn487

    shawn487 Android Enthusiast

    thats a good idea hmmmm giant passion blimp floating right between bart simpson and homer lol
  23. Doit2it

    Doit2it Android Expert

    Might, I'm not sure. I'm on a corporate plan, but I'm not supposed to get discounts on phones, just service and accessories.
  24. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    You mean you would unleash it on the day everyone is hung over and a Friday? I would pick the 4th for the announcement. Dominate the news cycle. Friday releases are for stuff you dont want people paying attention to.
  25. Mykpfsu

    Mykpfsu Android Expert

    Mine was 99 for 2 years and 129 for 1 year and I'm on a family share plan and not the new every 2 line. Are you sure you line is eligible for upgrading?

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