So where ARE the games then ????


Just got my shiny new Galaxy S yesterday - all charged up and registered.
Even managed to get all manner of stuff working on it including the Wifi but ...........................
I must be really stupid (I'm guessing here !!) but I've searched everywhere on my phone and I can't find the "Games" app.
I appreciate from lots of posts on this board that the games aren't that special as yet but I can't find any at all, good or otherwise !!!!!!!!
I can't even find any to buy either via the phone or on the net.

Sorry but what "the Market" you all keep referring to ???
Hope some kind soul out there can point this old codger towards in the right direction towards solving my little issues.



Android Expert

search the market for APPBRAIN. (Appbrain connects to the Google market)
Download that, install it.

goto and sign up.

Here's my game list for starters. All were free except " Hyper Jump". But there is a demo.

- Once you are viewing an app/game Click "Add to list" on the appbrain page.

- Then run Apprain market Sync" on your phone . (there's a way to automatically send them to your hpne but I haven't done that yet.)

- Manage apps, Sync with appbrain, perform installs.

Also, check out for some decent games.