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so who switched to the Hero from the Palm Pre?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jazzneel, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. jazzneel

    jazzneel Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've been reading this forum alot, and I am going to get a Hero in about 2 weeks ish.

    I am switching from the Palm Pre to the Hero, so was just wondering who here did the same, and thoughts about it?!

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  2. jersey221

    jersey221 Android Enthusiast

    i switched from the palm pre i was loyal to palm for so long but with the pre it just took them to long waiting for them to start bringing features i love my hero i love the pre to but i dont love its build quality and i hated the pres keyboard the heros keyboard took a little getting used to but its not bad
  3. 305Cane

    305Cane Well-Known Member

    i switched from a pre and im very happy with my hero. the pre did a lot of things right but battery life and build quality were some issues. my biggest complaint with the hero is deleting large sms threads slow the phone down immensely and theres no fix for it. im join to root tonight most likely so im looking forward to the speed increase.
  4. jmorse

    jmorse Member

    I made the switch to the Hero about a month ago. Overall I'm very happy with the phone. My biggest gripe is deleting email is so much easier on the Pre. My work exchange server account gets hundreds of email a day. I did find out of I refresh the email on the Hero it'll convert the read and deleted email as it is on the server. Once I discovered that I'm really happy.

    Make sure you get the program Moov from the market. That pretty much duplicated the Universal Search function on the Pre.

    Hope you like the Hero as much as I do. It's a fantastic device.
  5. Jimmy_P

    Jimmy_P Lurker

    My wife and I did yesterday. I was on my third Pre, and she was on her fourth. We bought just after launch, but the build quality was horrible. Palm is a shadow of what they were in the earlier part of the decade.
  6. joek71

    joek71 Well-Known Member

    I made the jump from the Pre to the Hero, but will go back when they come out with better Pre witch they will by summer or end of year, heard that the new Pre will have bigger keyboard and bigger screen, thats all what i got so far, dont know how good the source is but there is a C40 in Sprint database, so will wait and see. But so far i like the Hero but i feel i need the hard keyboard. Otherwise have no gripes about the Hero, and i miss the Pre swipe style. Time will tell, hope the new Pre will have WiMax if not then will wait for Android with WiMax and hard keyboard candy bar style.
  7. Fyahstarter

    Fyahstarter Newbie

    I think I echo the sentiments of the other posters. I liked the things that the pre did right, however when you rate the device against some of the basic offerings of other phones on it's tier, it was still lacking. However, my biggest gripe was the hardware. It was just plain chinsy. I'm glad to see the software side of things are coming around now. I still have my pre and can always do a quick ESN swap. I might take a look when 1.4 comes out in Feb. I have been very happy with my Hero thus far. A lil' laggy at times, but by no means a deal breaker.
  8. jpeepers

    jpeepers Lurker

    I switch over from a pixi ....and I think I miss it :-( I was very excited about the Hero but the more I use it the more I'm getting frustrated with it.
    The overall lag of the phone, poor touch keyboard, sometimes the touch response isn't there, sometimes it too sensitive? Lot's of things that are irritating me about this phone at the moment.

  9. bradb21

    bradb21 Newbie

    I switched from a Pre that I got on release day. I had it for a couple months, and was I guess overall happy with it. I do agree with the issues the above people made (hardware was cheap, software sometimes laggy, & lack of apps). I've been really happy with my Hero, and I'm glad I made the switch. I did question the lack of a physical keyboard (this is my first soft-keyboard phone), but I'm getting along ok. I could type faster on a physical keyboard, but Sprint doesn't have any other options at this point for me. My wife has the Moment, and that thing is a brick. I've gotten used to it, and I really don't crave a physical keyboard anymore.

    I too have been a long time Palm supporter. I've owned every Palm phone that Sprint has offered, but finally gave up on the Palm OS and went to Windows Mobile, but was excited with WebOS came out and went back to Palm. It lasted about 3 months and now I don't see switching away from Android OS anytime soon.
  10. TF1984

    TF1984 Android Enthusiast

    FYI you can delete all mail or multiple messages in the mail client. MENU> Delete> MENU> mark all

  11. jmorse

    jmorse Member

    Muchas Gracias!
  12. How are you guys switching out all the phones going back and forth? I can only switch once every year.
  13. missy brown

    missy brown Well-Known Member

    i switched two after i was on pre number 4 I ask the manager if i could get something else becsue my pres were only lasting me a month. my pre gave me lots of issues too many to list here but i do have it all on my blog at All About Me & Life its titled i am going ot cry. i had text isses and mail issues mostly.
  14. 360jeff

    360jeff Newbie

    I switched from the Palm Pre to the Hero. I did lots and lots of research on the Palm Pre prior to me buying it. In theory it was supposed to be a great phone. It has a great processor and WebOS is going to be great. The phone just fell short. It had problems with the most simple PIM tasks.

    I was going on my third Pre and I kept calling CS and telling them I wanted a different phone. They agreed, but they gave me a $105 credit towards a Hero and I had to Pay $74.99 plus tax. I was happy just to get rid of the Pre because it did not function properly. I would open Sprint navigation and I would get too many cards open errors.

    Keep in mind I did not install preware or nothing on it. It was stock.
  15. arh1192

    arh1192 Newbie

    I also switched from the Pre to the Hero. There were some things I liked better about the Pre but I am more then happy with my decision to switch. I highly advise rooting the Hero. The speed increase makes the phone twice as good!
  16. lldsandsll

    lldsandsll Well-Known Member

    switched. hero>pre
  17. 305Cane

    305Cane Well-Known Member

    the sms issues on the hero are really testing my patience. the pre was better than the hero at quite a few things. although i never had a personal issue with build quality of my phone, the hero just felt so much more solid.
  18. 360jeff

    360jeff Newbie

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by SMS issues? I thought those have been cleared up since the last official update from Sprint. Plus, I thought Handcent has cleared up those issues as well.

  19. 305Cane

    305Cane Well-Known Member

    deleting large message threads. before it was really known how poorly the hero handled large about of sms messages i had already racked up a few thousand texts with my gf. the phone has the inability, for me at least, to delete texts like the pre did. biggest issue with the phone right now for me.
  20. meangreengdub

    meangreengdub Android Enthusiast

    If I root, do I have to unroot it before the update to 2.1??
  21. chino0131

    chino0131 Newbie

    I switched from the Pre to the Hero mainly out of curiosity. HTC Sense and Android were extremely enticing to me. I loved the Pre, still love the OS, but The build quality is poor.

    Now though, Im thinking of switching back to the Pre. I like the Hero, but the one I received seems to have issues. My home and work Wifi for instance never stays connected. Not a huge deal, but a phone that offers Wifi should work properly. I tried all the solutions on the forums...nothing. The screen also is not as responsive as I imagined it would be. I also have issues with texts that either wont delete, or will delete and come back later. This seems to slow down the phone immensely. The main thing that bothers me is that when ANYONE calls, I have the issue of the person calling me hearing a ring anywhere between 3-7 rings before the phone rings once. I need my phone for work on a daily basis and need constant communication. My entire company has Sprint phones. No other phone has this phone lag like the Hero. I also have an issue where none of my email will refresh unless I do it manually. I have it set to refresh every 5 minutes, but it never does. For all of these issues I've tried all of the advice on the forums, but still nothing.

    Sprint let me return the Hero for a replacement, so I'm hoping that it was just a unit that had issues. We'll see.
  22. mobilemike01

    mobilemike01 Member

  23. Droidone

    Droidone Android Enthusiast

    I went from the pre to the hero and back to the pre currently but keep tabs on watching this site for any upcoming updates. I feel that android is not going to be polished until 2.1 drops. I like android for what it is and what it does but right now the pre has real 3d games that look as good as a psp and I really missed my keyboard on the pre. I really wish HTC would come out with an android phone with a keyboard and 2.1. That would bring me back to android.

    I think the hero is a great phone but little things like, no youtube, little bit of lag and no keyboard make me want to keep using my pre. I am very good on the touch keyboard but little things like words that are not common are a pain to enter in. I used the compact qwerty, so it makes it even harder to put custom words in.

    I will hold on to my hero and come back to it to preview 2.1. The real 2.1, not just roms that are based on 2.1. I did try fresh's 2.1 rom and the update looks like it will be promising.
  24. mstott25

    mstott25 Newbie

    This is an interesting discussion for me because I've been in the dark ages with cell phones and just recently decided to upgrade.
    I got the Blackberry Curve 8530 last week and then switched over to a Hero. The internet capabilities and overall look of the HTC is way better but I miss some things about the Blackberry. I was hoping the Pre would be a good combination of both those phones but I'm thinking of sticking with the Hero for the following reasons:

    *Battery Life
    *Visual Voicemail
    *Stronger hardware
    *Android Community (which I just discovered)

    The Blackberry was great, I would get instant notifications and it was very easy to communicate and keep in touch with everybody, I still haven't been able to match that on the Hero but I don't think the Pre is going to do any better. For the first time in my life I don't dread checking voicemails, I don't know if I could use anything but visual voicemail after experiencing it and the Palm Pre doesn't have it from what I understand. It's also very concerning to hear so many people say they are on their 3rd, 4th and 5th Pre because they've broken previous models!
  25. gr8cut

    gr8cut Lurker

    My wife has a Sprint Palm Pre and wishes she had my HTC Hero!
    I switched from Palm Treo800w and I'm lov'n my Hero! Much, much better OS.

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