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So who's still on Board to pick up a Verizon LTE Galaxy Nexus?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by sean76, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. bigeric828

    bigeric828 Newbie

    so close to just getting the sg2 or something. Killing me here.


  2. red66charger

    red66charger Android Expert

    I'm still planning on purchasing a VZW GNex. I'd like to try a pure Google phone. I am very tempted to leave VZW for an SGSII or wait for the Note on AT&T, but being grandfathered with VZW makes such a move difficult. I am disappointed with GNex's video camera quality. That jello effect really bothers me. I know it's a smartphone and not a video camera, but other smartphones are capable of producing videos without the jello effect, so I can be disappointed without taking crap for it! :p

    The delays (and yes, I believe the device has been delayed contrary to some) are annoying and frustrating, but I don't see the sense in waiting three months for the phone and then bailing on it within two or three weeks of its release. I'm waiting it out. I just hope there is a fix for the poor video quality.
  3. pragmatous

    pragmatous Android Enthusiast

    I would like the Razr if the screen was better (720p) and the camera wasn't so bad. I also think it's too wide. The non-removable battery is also a problem for me.

    I think the rezound is great specs wide but it looks like it's twice as thick as my Droid incredible.

    I think the Droid Nexus is the way to go. It's thin, has a good screen size, I also actually like the curved screen. My worries about no micro-sd card for me is not a problem if the Nexus is 32GB.

    Then there's the droid 4 which I'm still pondering.

    Heh it's a good thing I can't upgrade until late this month

  4. BoogieNYC

    BoogieNYC Well-Known Member

    I'm definitely going to pick up the Nexus first chance I get (eg the 15th, etc.) but I'm not sure if it will be staying with me or if it will go back. I'm definitely less than thrilled about the non-SD slot and the 5MP camera, but I'd like to see both in action (eg the in-built, segregated internal RAM, 16GB + 16GB).

    I don't need the best phone available, but I also know 20-24 months is a LONG time considering the number of new devices coming out in the next six months alone. So if the Nexus doesn't completely blow my skirt up it will go back. I got a couple TPU cases via Amazon and they should arrive about the same time the phone is released (LOL) so if it's great it stays and if it's okay it will go back from whence it came.

    Incidentally, I'm in the market to get my girlfriend the SII Skyrocket (she's still on AT&T). It's a pretty damn nice piece of hardware, although, like the Optimus Prime (eg the Nexus) the back feels kinda plasticky. She doesn't mind -- she likes the huge screen and the speed and is anxious to dig into Android (she's been using a BB for about four years now). So all of you who've taken the AT&T plunge or are considering it, it's definitely a nice alternative should you opt to leave VZW. Just my $0.02.
  5. MelissaM

    MelissaM Newbie

    LOL! Why will the Nexus still be better? Because of it's slow dual core thats slower than the Exynos & A5? Because of it's 3 years old GPU? Or because of it's not-really-720p pentile display?

    Get real, the only thing the Nexus has going for it is it will be the first andriod with ICS (officially) assuming Verizon ever releases it. No one can argue that the internals aren't mediocre at best. With other phones getting ICS in Q1 (the more powerful S II) and quad cores early Q2 (Tegra 3) and true 720p displays, I'll wait a few more months. I want something with cutting edge hardware, not a phone with a CPU/GPU past their prime.

    But I guess if you have a crappy phone now, the Nexus will be an improvement.
  6. snuggles

    snuggles Android Enthusiast

    Skip it, give me the Galaxy Note!!!!
  7. pragmatous

    pragmatous Android Enthusiast

    Do you think if I walk into the store when the Nexus comes out to go look at the phone and go "boy man I wish I can buy this phone now, but my NE2 is not until the 28th" do you think they will move my NE2 date up so I can buy it? lol! I might try it just to see.

  8. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I just don't like Sense anymore. IMO it really slowed down the Rezound! The phone just didn't feel snappy at all, and yes the screen was crystal clear, but I happen to really like Amoled technology over LCD. And most of all, it just felt like a brick...For a time when thin is in, the Rezound just felt like a beefed up Incredible to me. So yea, I just wound up staying with the Razr.
  9. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yea man, I don't go by the Rumored dates anymore at all! When these phones show up on the carriers website that's when i believe it! And I agree 100% on Google wallet not being to blame. This is classic VZW greed at its ugliest,,,Which by the way I said weeks ago.. lol

    This delay is definitely a case of vzw just holding the ball in they're court, and when they feel like Razr sales are slowing down, that's when we'll see the Nexus...

    Its so funny how there was a 4G outage the night before the Charge was supposed to get released? Its even more funny how they went ahead and released brand new Droid Branded Motorola tablets the day after the most recent outage. And its point black hysterical that Google hasn't stepped in and said....Listen up Big Red, if you don't release the phone your going to have some serious law suites on your hands, not to mention a really hard time ever getting us to give you an exclusive on anything ever again.

    Lol...what a mess.
  10. Gravytrain

    Gravytrain Android Enthusiast

    I actually returned my rezound for the razr today, I am very satisfied and feel like a weight is off my shoulders because I'm not checking nexus updates every 5 mins... the razr is built very solid and has a damn good looking screen, oh and is also blazing fast. The ONLY thing I miss about the rezound is the camera, it whips the razr camera for pieces IMHO. Other than that, the razr is here to stay. Bring on ics!
  11. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I pretty much agree with the camera! Its damm useless if taking a pic outside at night, or in any sort of low lighting situation. And while its slightly better then my Bionic was, its still unexceptionable by today's standards of mobile cameras. Other then that and the Razr is an absolute Beast!
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  12. Gravytrain

    Gravytrain Android Enthusiast

    Why in the hell didnt they put a screen shot function on it??
  13. jroc

    jroc Android Expert

    I'm still on board to get it, but not because I gotta have it. I wanna see some things vs. what I already have now. Might be a lil different for me as I never really wanted the G Nex bad, but wanted the Bionic or RAZR bad. Moto just does something as far as phones that hasnt let me down yet.

    I already have a RAZR. So I'm not itching for a new phone. My Droid X1 was past needing to be replaced. (GF dropped it waaay more than I did - big crack on screen, lagging, piece covering mic on front is gone....)I just held out, didnt get one on insurance. I probably woulda got a Bionic if I had the funds when it came out. And I still might get it. So I might have all 3 at some point, might keep all 3, might keep 2. Might go back to a slide out keyboard with the Droid 4.

    What I do know is for me to give up the RAZR, another phone has to completely blow it out the water overall....not just here n there....and I dont see it happening so far. But....if another phone can match or beat it in 1 category thats important to me....I would be alot more willing to replace the RAZR. And after using the RAZR....I switched teams....I really like Amoled screens now. Used to be a big LCD fan. I have heard great things about the screen on the LG Nitro tho so cant wait to see the updated LG phone on Verizon.

    That LG might wind up being the phone that replaces mine...lol. Might be another sleeper hit some claim the Rezound is. I also wanna say....all these current phones are great depending on what you really like or want. So you really cant go wrong.
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  14. TrumpetMan

    TrumpetMan Android Enthusiast

    Yup, I'm in the same boat, but hopefully the Nexus will be on the street by the 28th because my wife is beginning to eye my HTC Incredible so I'll be needing a new phone soon.
  15. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Android Expert

    My answer is absolutely, unequivocally yes. The incredible 3....er rezound doesn't impress me at all especially after seeing how crappy my wife's incredible2 is. The razr, to me, is like a hot girl with mush for brains. I've spent my time with a great device coupled with a locked bootloader (Droid X). With what I want to use my phone for, a locked bootloader kills it. I'm probably going to have to wait a couple months to get it and I highly doubt anything will be announced in the meantime to make me change my mind.
  16. trophynuts

    trophynuts Extreme Android User

    I think Google must have said hey let's release it by the end of the year. Well VZW took that as an chance to maximize sales with other phones obviously so They're probably holding out to the last possible release day before Google steps in. I'm almost certain after this you will never see another pure google phone on VZW stock.
  17. pragmatous

    pragmatous Android Enthusiast

    I dunno I want to give Verizon the benefit of a doubt here.

    I want to say the 4g outage had a lot to do with the delay. Would you release the nexus when there's no 4g?

    I also think Verizon had to work out a deal to get google wallet on the phone which probably cost them a lot of money as they already made a deal with another company for a "google wallet" concept.

    Just a thought I bet you'll see it soon since the 4g outage has been fixed.

  18. michaelkahl

    michaelkahl Android Enthusiast

    I almost jumped to the Rezound train...it's now packed up and ready to return as soon as the GNex is released for VZW. I look forward to a phone that's first to receive updates, has an Amoled HD display, NFC, and the list can go on.
  19. pragmatous

    pragmatous Android Enthusiast

    I like how the phone is slightly curved I think that's cool.

  20. trophynuts

    trophynuts Extreme Android User

    lol mine has been boxed up for several days now waiting on the same thing.

    that 4G outage didn't stop them from releasing the new 4G Moto Tablet. Not only that but i bet if you were to have went into a store on Friday to buy a RAZR they wouldn't have said "sorry we can't sell you one today because of the outage"...

    I talked to a friend at VZW on Thursday and they weren't even aware of an outage. Because it was so scattered across the US some stores weren't even aware of an outage.
  21. Skipdawg

    Skipdawg Android Enthusiast

    Well now that I have waited this long i will just wait till the 27th and order when my loyalty thing or what every they are calling it now is due. Now I'm do busy with holiday stuff to bother messing with ordering it now anyway.
  22. NecoD

    NecoD Well-Known Member

    I think when VZW does actually announce it a lot people are going to feel the same way you do. With all the delays and secrecy around the release I feel the GN has lost it's luster and hype for an exciting release date.
  23. matatora

    matatora Newbie

    I am still waiting on the GN. At the moment I have the iphone 4. I briefly tried the Thunderbolt and was so underwhelmed that I went back to my iphone. I would like to try an android OS that has not been played with my HTC, who also made my Droid Incredible.
    I am hopeful that the unfiltered ICS will improve my day to day use of my cell phone. Though admittedly I am not as excited about this phone as I was in September...

    I wont leave Verizon at the end of the day my own personal experience with their customer service has always been excellent. And I bounce between the East and West coasts and they are the only option which functions reliably in the areas I need to be.
  24. BoogieNYC

    BoogieNYC Well-Known Member

    Call VZW now (eg as soon as you read this) and let them know you're planning on upgrading but you don't know when you'll be eligible, more than likely they'll be able to adjust your account so when the Nexus does hit you'll be good to go. I wouldn't wait until getting to the store -- depending on where you live and when you go, you don't want to first address this on site.

    Hope that helps...

  25. BoogieNYC

    BoogieNYC Well-Known Member

    The hardware isn't a deal-breaker for me -- I don't need the most cutting-edge hardware out there. The real reason why I'm so stoked about this phone is the direct connection to Google, eg the updates. It's not that it's the FIRST ICS phone, it's that it's going to be first to get Google/ICS updates, tweaks, etc. Waiting on Motorola/VZW for Droid X updates has been an exercise in frustration: one problem gets addressed with each update but two new ones appear.

    Despite the hardware being only decent -- not sub-standard -- I think that a direct pipeline to Google updates is a huge advantage. And in three, six and nine months there will be handsets with better hardware out there -- and in three, six and nine months after that, the same thing will apply. So getting the best hardware is a futile goal (unless you like running up a down escalator).
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