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General so you have an android on metro and have no data on their system 2/11/2011 6:00pm est

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bucketbass, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. bucketbass

    bucketbass Member
    Thread Starter

    Well I just got off the phone with metro. Mine and my wife's phones have been in and out of data capabilities the past 2 days. They reset mine 2 times yesterday and hers 1 time. Both times fixed and ok till now. They just told me that all phones (i.e. the 2 they have out this min) running Android os on Metro are down system wide and they are working to fix this. So I hope this may help someone else as I looked here first myself.


  2. awhite91

    awhite91 Well-Known Member

    Phew I thought it was just my phone that was having problems. I've already unrooted amf cleared my personal info off in preparation to exchange it tomorrow at the Metro store but I guess now i'll be reinstalling my apps and things. What I wonder is how come the web browsers still work and can receive data but no apps can? That's the only part that puzzles me. Also how can this outage only be affecting us Android users?

    You said they reset your phones? How did they and have you or your wife had any more issues since the reset?

    P.S. Does anyone else have any specifics on the outage?
  3. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Android Expert

    Phone systems have problems. It is just a fact. My problems started late Thursday and ended sometime late Friday. If you had a similar time frame, don't you think you jumped the gun a little bit?
  4. bucketbass

    bucketbass Member
    Thread Starter

    The system reset the same info that they programmed when you first got your phone. Your ph# which is how you access the system. Also the service code and the sid. My second call on thurs night the walked me through manual reprogramming and this is what info I put back into my phone. Although they were the same exact #'s that were already in it. As I said after that call it worked for almost a day till last night at 6:00PM. The guy I talked to said something about how android uses Gmail account to access the web. But who knows?!?!? And yes I am still down this morning. Fixing to go to work where the "it" guy has "secured" our system with a wps code that not even the owner knows(or so he says). So this really stinks for me as that means no wifi for me either. So I will be offline as the phone goes till they fix this.
    P.S. He did say "we are committed to the android platform as the sch-r910 is coming out soon" and "this is a temporary problem they are working hard to fix".
  5. green_machine

    green_machine Newbie

    Mine is down too. What bs. I can reset and sometimes get on but only for minutes
  6. GodTheHamster

    GodTheHamster Newbie

    Mines been in and out since about Wednesday afternoon. Bleh, ive called them and they said they did a "line cleaning" lulz. Asked me to do a battery pull on my phone. I had tried this before and let them know this but they said it needed to happen while they where doing the line cleaning...anyhow it did the same thing as the first time, worked for about 2 minutes, then back to whatever its going. Very intermittent. I thought it was something to do with rooting, so i rooted/unrooted a few times and once it fixed it for about 30min. But back to normal.

    None too pleased right now :\

    Anyhow just waiting for a resolution. Hopefully they get this mess fixed soon. Im going to call and try and get a month free for lack of services that im currently paying for.
  7. FIT4C

    FIT4C Lurker

    I was glad to find this thread. My brother just got his LG and is new to Android and smartphones. I have been troubleshooting here and there to find out what the issue was and almost had him Return his phone today.

    I'm praying this issue gets nipped in the bud quick, and I agree about trying to get a free month out of this!

    I'll be following along.
  8. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon
    VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, everyone - sorry it's under these ratty circumstances. :(

    Just wanted to chime in and also say if anyone needs help navigating the site or question about us or our posting rules (links in my sig) or stuff in general, feel free to send a private message (PM) to anyone with a green or red name badge - you can get to your inbox and other cool stuff via the User CP link at the top of every page.

    Best luck with this terrible issue, hope they sort it out soon!
  9. BlackOwl

    BlackOwl Lurker

    I've had a similar issue with this since mid day thursday (2/10/11), the gmail sync icon comes on and stays there for a long time without syncing. What I have done that sometimes help is put the phone in airplane mode for a minute, then back to normal. Once it reconnects, gmail starts to sync properly again.
  10. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Android Expert

    Mine was back yesterday, but gone again today. Now it is back again. I called them around 2:00 today and they have no estimated fix time/date yet. They are blaming it 100% on Google. They told me as such that their management has decided that there would be no refunds from this. They suggested I contact Google for a refund. Yeah right, like that will happen!
  11. bucketbass

    bucketbass Member
    Thread Starter

    Just got off the phone for the 5th time with them. Talked to the SOS (special operations and support) team this time. She told me that the restore time in unkown but they are working on it. She offered to reset again but I figured why bother. I did ask about $$ for comp off the bill for this problem she said unless down for 7 DAYS this was unlikely. I also asked what the cause was or is and she said that she did not know as she has not been told yet. The squeeky wheel gets the lube. So I keep calling I say we all should....
  12. awhite91

    awhite91 Well-Known Member

    I might have, but I truly thought it was a phone problem since it started about Wednesday. Think i'll just bear with it for the time being like we all are and call them like, as bucketbass said, we all should . Sucks I got my phone not two weeks ago and now can't use 90% of it off of wifi. :( At least I can still access the net which doesn't make sense honestly but i'm not one to complain.

    Thanks for the welcome EarlyMon. :)
  13. desi016

    desi016 Lurker

    It has been a real nightmare this android thingy with Metro, since we're not aware of the issues it makes it worse.... I had to do a factory reset since I had no clue what was going on... wow ... and their customer Service is the worst!!!!!!!!!!! Uggghhh Not very happy with Metro.. let's see how it goes this week... :mad:
  14. UKCatFan

    UKCatFan Android Expert

    I think they might be getting down to the bottom of it. Mine is connecting sometimes tonight. It is coming and going randomly, but that is better than nothing at all. Luckily I do not plan on leaving the house until work time on Monday.
  15. J_lynn87

    J_lynn87 Lurker

    My phone is currently down as well, the maps app is not working and my wifi is not wanting to connect even though the password is the right one, I still can't figure out what is going on with my phone. My Pandora radio isn't working either. I tried to unistall it and re-install it again and it's not wanting to play any songs :( I just got this phone not to long ago, maybe the last weekend of January and I don't want to have to get another phone. My last phone is the Samsung Freeform II and I had to have that one replace due to memory issues! Now I'm wondering if I'm gonna have to replace the Optimus M... I hope not!
  16. J_lynn87

    J_lynn87 Lurker

    MetroPCS customer service sucks! I called them the other night to see about putting insurance on my phone after accidently dropping my phone in a puddle of water, luckily I had a case on it at the time and it didn't get that much damaged (yes, I know, water damage is not covered under the Metroguard insurance) but they told me I couldn't add the insurance to my phone since I had the option of adding it when I purchased the phone at the upgrade... but I get a text message the other day telling me to protect my phone with Metroguard and now I have insurance on it. But I hate calling their customer service anyways because I always get someone that can't even speak clearly or in english for that matter!! Ugh
  17. GodTheHamster

    GodTheHamster Newbie

    The phones appear to be fully functional. the data network is on the fritz. half the things work half dont. maps work but not traffic layer, market does not work but browsing does. pandora does not seem to work at all but gmail does....wtf. my biggest issue right now is maps and speech regocnition. FB does not work but thats minor. the speech thing is annoing, the maps i use for work......so yah that not working is hurtin. lame.
  18. sirius1y

    sirius1y Lurker

    I haven't had any issues with mine. Though it's rooted... Good luck peeps.
  19. bbfugitive

    bbfugitive Member

    Def network issue....
  20. Bird Dog

    Bird Dog Newbie

    I discovered that Navigator was down yesterday morning. It's still down today. Facebook and Twitter wouldn't work but browser did. Glad to hear it's not my phone and hope they get things fixed soon.
  21. XO_NYC

    XO_NYC Lurker

    We got two LG Optimus M from MetroPCS three weeks ago. Everthing went fine since on late Friday both phones startet to empty the battery rapidly. On Saturday there was a "Update available" notice on the phones. Both phones also show the "data syncing" icon permanently too. The network icons show "1x" (as common in NYC) and only the upload direction arrow is flashing all day long.
    Who is crawling on our phones? Is this really a bad network effect?
    As other users told, most of the apps are down but the browser is working.
    But we now have to load the batteries twice a day!
    Did anybody ever experienced the same problem?
  22. I'm in the Fort Worth / Dallas Market and I have not had any issues, not even dropped calls... I average about 2.5 hours voice each day. Most if not all my data usage is split between WiFi at work and home. I'm a pretty heavy txt & MMS user on and off the WiFi. I honestly didn't know there were issues recently because I haven't been to this forum in about a week of so...

    Edit: Android 2.2 with permanent root (z4root) - No other modifications etc.
  23. mike28

    mike28 Android Expert

    Having issues as well tampa florida since Wednesday
  24. Shpook

    Shpook Lurker

    Well, you guys can add two more people to the list. Both my wife and I are havimg major issues using any data service except for the browser. I assumed it was my phone, and did a factory reset. Worked great for about two hours, now nothing connects.

    And I mean nothing. Appbrain, pandora, facebook, tunein radio, market, aim, gmail...the list goes on and on. But, as said before, web browsing works fine.

    At first I was blaming it on the phone, which is what led me to this forum. Now I see most likely not the phone. I don't mind having to deal with metropcs sorting out issues. But if I purchased an android phone that is basically useless, I'll be pretty upset.
  25. Bird Dog

    Bird Dog Newbie

    XO_NYC - having the same problem here in Atlanta... draining the battery super fast and phone is getting warm...

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