Apr 17, 2012

Just got my S2X the yesterday afternoon and am loving it so far! Just confused with a few small things, the biggest one currently being that I have setup a hotmail and Gmail email via the Email app. The hotmail email works perfectly, the email one on the other hand does not load any emails no matter how many times I refresh? it says load more conversations but it loads nothing. Now in the gmail app it pulls all the emails from my gmail in.

Any ideas? Suggestions?
Thanks in advance

I have exactly the same problem. Gmail in the Social Hub loads only new emails that come in, but once opened, they disappear. Has anyone else seen this? The gmail app on the other hand works correctly, but is not my preferred choice.
Hi Kyle,

I posted my answer already, but for some reason it didn't get posted.
I have exactly the same problem, first with gmail, and then also with 2 other accounts on my own mail server. Gmail only loads new emails that come in, but once the mails have been opened, they disappear. The gmail app on the other hand loads mail without problem.
I read someplace that this is is known gmail issue and that google is aware of it. I hope that this is the answer, and in this case, lets hope that it gets resolved soon.
However, the fact that the gmail app does fine and that the problem onlyoccurs in the Social Hub makes me think that it is more of a Social Hub configuration thing. Anyone have an answer?