Social networking - True push?


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So, the Bionic has this social networking application... according to data retrieval it says it is an automatic (push) program.

My question is thus: does it actually push things like facebook? If this is the case it is awesome, however I am leery since I know facebook runs in the background alot on the OG DROID I am coming from.

P.S. this keyboard is freaking awesome! On landscape I can type almost as fast as I can on an actual pc.


Lol - I'll try it out in a few minutes - priorities- watching the game....

Oh, hell, this is a runaway unless Drew and the boys get their act together. Time to play.

I tried to log into F earlier so I could check that but it was not accepting my password, which I know is correct, so....

I'll try it again.


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I am having problems getting all my contacts to sync with my facebook my mom and dad, it doesn't recognize them so not sync them......My HTC I could go under my contacts and scroll down and manually sync them but cant do that on bionic...