Melvin Stark1

Mar 29, 2022
I have a Moto e7 at the SP Fastboot Flash Mode (Secure) screen.

Product/Variant: ginna XT2052-5 32GB PVT
Transfer Mode: USB connected

My OS is Linux and there’s no data I need to recover. I'm merely trying to boot and restoring to original settings would be fine.

I read a post indicating I need firmware, fastboot, and the attached script (unbrick.txt) in one directory. I’ve copied the firmware and platform-files into one directory. The directory listing (files.txt) is also attached.

I set the permissions with ‘chmod +x.’ However, when executing ./ I receive ‘fastboot: command not found.’ Attempting to source the script produces the same error message.

Are the files and procedures correct? Why would fastboot not execute?


  • files.txt
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  • unbrick.txt
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