Nov 6, 2022
Me and Multiple People face the same Problem after the latest update on xiaomi phones
our phone Reboot into recovery mode.
I can use it for a few seconds and then it goes into recovery mode. I've tried so many things but nothing works
-Flashing does not work because i need to wait 180 hours to unlock my phone
- Reseting my phone does not work too it will only work for a limited amount of time before crashing agin
- Safe mode does not work too

I have tried to contact xioami but they dont answer Really annoying

any tips?

and my redmi note 11 is new btw and this problem got confirmd by other people too
i can link another forum :
i filmed the problem too
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hope your phone is still under warranty. if a factory reset does not work than it might be a hardware issue.....or at least something beyond what a reset can do. either way i would get it replaced, especially if it is new.
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