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So I've had my Droid Incredible a little over a year now and am still super happy with the phone. However, I guess from just general use, the Wake/Sleep/Power button has stopped functioning. At first, I would have to click it several times before it would work, but now it has ceased working at all.

TL;DR: My Wake/Sleep/Power button stopped working, need an alternate.

I started using WidgetLocker to make it so my volume and trackball can wake the phone to the lockscreen. However this doesn't fix the problem of Sleeping or Shutting down the phone.

Was curious if anyone knew of a widget or app that can shutdown and put the phone to sleep? (Note, I've checked the market but haven't found anything)


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Have you tried cleaning around the power button, some compressed air may help. There is also replacement power buttons online.

If you were rooted there are apps that can shut your phone down, not aware of any screen off apps/widgets though.


I have widgetsoid 2.x and there is a lock screen option, it turns off the screen and puts the phone to sleep. Also you can search for lock screen widget and there is one from Droid-mania that will turn off the screen when you press the widget (for both you need to allow it permission to do so, after setting it up it will ask) hope that helps


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Alright, thanks guys. I will look into it. :)

Edit: mrk1984, thanks man, Widgetsoid got the job done perfectly. Thanks again! :)