How long is this supposed to take? it's stuck at
"checking for available update. Please wait..."
Hmmm.... didnt take but a few seconds to check for updates on my phone. Downloading was farely quick too. Install took maybe like 5 minutes and it even looked like it was hanging but it installed. Also, check that your battery is farely full.
Thanks!! The update went flawlessly... I'm looking forward to improved performance and am glad to see them on the ball addressing our concerns.

I was a dedicated Sidekick user and am now an avid android fan... love the Cliq!!!
Did the OTA update to 1.1.31 and everytime I reboot my phone (even pulled the battery), the Home app always does a force close. :mad:

Anyone run into this problem?

EDIT: Figured out that the Messages Widget was causing the issue...need to find an update

EDIT II: I just deleted the widget from the desktop and then readded it after a reboot and all is fine now!
Did the update yesterday and definitely am getting better battery life after changing my power options. The phone seems a bit more laggy than it was before, though. I have to admit that I've really cranked back my screen brightness, though, as well, to 20%, for most purposes. It does look better brighter, but it also makes a big difference in battery life. Now if I want to, I bet I could go a couple days - if I didn't use it a lot, that is. As far as the screen dead spots, it may be better, but I can't really tell. I was having sensitivity issues in some apps, and they don't seem as bad now. Time will tell for sure.
im sorry but this may be an obscure question but what exactly does "performance mode", "smart mode", and "battery saver mode" do?
When you click on them it tells you what they do.

ahh ok thanks.

What happens when your cellular data connection is disconnected? Does that mean you wont be able to connect onto the web and any apps associated with it?

one last thing, what is the motoblur remote whipe and remote locate?
@Kray1 - Apparently "Performance Mode" will leave the Cliq like you had it before, ALL enabled (data & voice, default screen brightness)

"Smart Mode" will shutdown the data side when you're not using it for 15min (or whatever you set it up for, it gives you more options) - voice will work, screen dims <---this is what I'm using

"Battery Saver Mode" will manage data connection for you and bring screen brightness to an even lower level (not much options here) - voice will work as normal

When you wake up your phone, data connections get restored and updates will download.

As far as MotoBlur remote wipe and locate, watch section 6 on secure in the flash video. You need to setup a MotoBlur account (free) to perform the functions. (Motorola - Simulator)

Have Fun,
is getting better, but I'd still like an app that would automatically drop 3g and wifi when battery hits 40%. Currently I'm using local <3 to silence my phone when I have a class but all it can do when battery drops is change brightness and pop an alert.

Can't wait for it to update!
I did the update and now t-mobile is sending me another phone. When my phone is locked and i receive a call, the slider DOESN'T work for me to answer it. Also, i had 4 dropped calls in ONE day. I also have a LOT of forceclose issues now. a few days i will ANOTHER Cliq (that JUST came out) and i ws also told to go get another sim card even though Ive only had it for 3 weeks. I like this phone, coming off a blackberry made it hard to get used to. I'm hoping I won't have anymore problems. Now, i guess I have to re-download all my apps. :(