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Software Update Changed my phone!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dfrank02, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. dfrank02

    dfrank02 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    So lateeee las night i Got a software update notification, and i pulled down the status bar. A pop-up screen comes up and says software up date phone will restart after its completed, then it had 2 or 3 boxes i cannot remember exactly, Install now, Install later... Anyway I hit install now and my phone immediately restarted and it change my unlock screen and resized my google search bar!! Now my unlock screen has two slide bars look very very similar to the iphone unlock and google search bar is small and distant from status bar..:mad: i may be nit-picking but i'm pissed! If i wanted an iphone i woulda gotten an iphone! little things the rotation unlock screen which differientated droid from the iphone were what made it better, call me crazy but i want the rotation unlock screen back. You create something, improve on it, and make it a trademark almost iconic, but not change it, and this to me seems like a small sign of droid or maybe verizon trying to copy instead of being original...

    If anyone knows how to get original software look back please let me know!! thanks

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  2. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    Turn off the Motorola Droid.
    Press the Power button and the "x" on the hardware keyboard at the same time to power on and bring up the recovery screen.
    Press the Volume Up and Camera buttons at the same time to show the recovery menu.
    Select "Wipe data/factory reset".
    Select "Reboot Phone".

    ...good luck w/that.
  3. barry99705

    barry99705 Android Expert

    Take your phone to the vzw store. Tell them it's not working correctly and get a new phone, then NEVER update it.
  4. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    I hear where you're coming from but I think it's going to be hard to pass up the speed improvements for visual changes. The homescreen looks like ass though.
  5. melmigs

    melmigs Newbie

    "Software Update Changed my phone!" This is what these kinds of updates are designed to do...
  6. tsaunders

    tsaunders Android Enthusiast

    I really can't say much as I haven't gotten the update, but I feel most people are happy with the update.
  7. Tabs

    Tabs Member

    Btw, this update is completely Google from what I understand -they changed the lock screen, not Verizon or Motorola.
  8. craighwk

    craighwk Android Enthusiast

    There are times when you need to move forward and adapt when presented with something that may challenge your beliefs. This is one of those times.

    There is no turning back. The best thing you can hope for is an App to replace your lock screen with the one prior.
  9. BiGMERF

    BiGMERF Extreme Android User

    minor compared to the improvements... i wish they gave it to us
  10. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Believe it or not, the lock screen was ALWAYS left to right. The graphic may have been an arc, but if you didn't need to drag your finger through an arc, just left to right. The animation look like a rotation, but it was always a straight motion to unlock the screen.
  11. Soultics

    Soultics Well-Known Member

    Do you even realize that the "rotating" unlock didn't even need to be rotated, you could go straight across anyway? It was just a graphic that appeased you and made you feel different. You sound like a troll.

    Guy above me said the same thing pretty much!
  12. tsaunders

    tsaunders Android Enthusiast

    LOL Just tried it, it's true.
  13. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Still, it was cooler. :cool:
  14. sooper_droid12

    sooper_droid12 Android Expert

    Eh... I'm not going to die on that hill. There are things more important to nit-pick than the home screen of you cell phone.
  15. Golden Falcon

    Golden Falcon Newbie

    None of this will matter when 2.1 + Full Flash support comes in January/February.

    Then we'll see if you will stick with 2.0 just because of a small "visual" change. Stop complaining.
  16. howtodo?

    howtodo? Newbie

    All the peoeple that have the update should start adding some screen shots or something. Ill take functionality over visuals anyday of the week. Those who haven't dled GOOGLE GOGGLES should dl it now bc its NUTTSSSSS!!!
  17. droidism

    droidism Member

    I just tried it as well and you're right, making a straight swipe from left to right unlocks the phone.
  18. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande?

    Incidentally, it's not a straight swipe actually -- it's the act of pressing and holding and making it from one side to the other. I just tried a bunch of spiraling loops that also worked.
  19. nydrumboy

    nydrumboy Member

    So far I'm not impressed with Google Goggles....it's not that accurate for me. Just my $0.02.
  20. v-6 nolo

    v-6 nolo Member

    i had to re enter my info for facebook and need to re-sync but that's the only problem since update for me.
  21. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

  22. v-6 nolo

    v-6 nolo Member

    um, at work now, and no idea how to download that file you put in the thread.
  23. LinMcHugh

    LinMcHugh Newbie

    Here's from the camera--no update in quality of pics. Yuk.

    Attached Files:

  24. droidpcguru

    droidpcguru Android Enthusiast

    On the contrary, my camera works MUCH better. It now focuses on night shots, and all of the shots I have tried come out decent..in AUTO mode(A no-no before). A computer monitor pic will not really show what the camera can do.

    If your complaint is graniness, remember the camera has a TINY high resolution sensor.. Just the nature of the beast. Try some day shots indoors and report back.:)

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