Help Software Update not working?


Got an unbranded S3 and up until a week ago I could search for software updates/download updates with no problems but now my software update widget tells me there is a new update but whenever I try to search for it I get a message back stating either:

"Unable to connect to network"


"Access to the software service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later.

It's been saying that for a week now and if i'm in a queue for an update that could be AGES before I get it!! I'm new to android phones so is this normal or should I be taking it back to CPW!?

Any help appreciated. Thanks!


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PS. Having read through some other threads about the latest UK firmware update, it would appear that I have the latest LG8 update... Is this maybe why i'm getting this message!?


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I am on AT&T in US and same thing for me....when I use the "check for updates" under Phone Info tab it checks and instantly comes back with "Server is Busy/Unavailable, Phone will automatically check for an update in next 48 hours". Then if I try again it basically says you must wait 24 hours to check again.

Maybe they're just rolling out the updates slowly and my phone is "on the list" for the future, or maybe there is some glitch with my phone trying to talk to the server.

Beyond my nature of wanting to make sure I have the "newest and best" software, I guess I don't really care since I don't think there are that many performance improvements with the new update.