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Tips Software Updates - ICS>

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lowey5, Jun 5, 2012.

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    Aug 27, 2011

    Aug 27, 2011
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    Hi, This may help you when upgrading software (nothing to do with rooting etc, this is the "legal" way!):

    If your phone has an over the air update (OTA) you should always download it, especially if your phone is carrier locked as it will almost certainly contain updates to make the phone better. The logic is that they would never "downgrade" a handset always improve it. And they never use us as test pilots contary to what some may think.

    Software sometimes takes a longtime to get to us from release date and the reason for this is that Android release the software to the phone maker, the phone maker tests and "tweaks" it (like HTC with their Sense) then it either gets released (to unlocked phones) or sent to the specific carrier to test on their own network.

    Carriers do this so they can be sure it not going to cause issues (reputations are at stake, imagine every ICS handset on Vodafone crashing!!) and that it works correctly for a great user experience.

    Once the above is satisfied they send it out on release to all compatible handsets. Now if you have loads of apps etc on your device the issue can be that as they were there before the update they can cause certain "conflicts".

    The best way to update is to remove them then update, run it for a few days after the update then slowly put the apps back on.

    I have done this every time an update comes through and I never experience any issues at all, certainly not any issues that I see on here.

    Do get me wrong Im not the gospel on Android but I am very techy and very into phones, I have had every iPhone since day one, moved onto Android two years ago and would never go back.

    You do have to understand that the Market place is not 100% tested for every handset with every software and every other app, this can be a problem.

    Hope this helps


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